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The content of your site plays a major role in your positioning on search engines. In this article, we are going to talk about the methodology for writing great content.

Quality content is the key to better growth on the net. Indeed, the one factor you used to get your website SEO is the content of your site. In this article, we’re going to talk about the process to use to write great content. We will also see how to better search for elements that can be considered in your content. And finally, we’re going to look at some platforms you can use for keyword research and content ideas.

Things to consider when writing quality content

Before you get into copywriting, you should ask yourself what type of content is right for your audience. Content developed for an e-commerce platform may be different from content for a company or blog. In this part, we will see the steps to follow to prepare your essay better.

Do a comparative analysis.

Benchmarking can help you get a feel for what your audience might like. Indeed, competitors with many visitors have elements that you can exploit.

It would help if you listed a few competitors offering your services to compare their content. For this purpose, you to use Google with a few keywords relating to your activity. Most of the time, Google ranks websites in order of content relevance. So, you can be convinced that the unpaid content that appears at the top of the search engines is more or less the best.

In your analysis, write down items such as keywords, content structure and text length.

Classify content by type of industry

When doing your research, you should classify your information by industry type. Content that you develop to talk about your product can be descriptive. On the other hand, content to talk about tips can be quite a comparison oriented.

Search for keywords

The approach you will use when writing content is different when you have the target keywords in mind.

To research the keywords, you can use Google, Google Trend, or competitors’ websites.

List the elements of your website.

Making a list of the headlines of your content can be helpful. Indeed, it’s easier to work with a plan than to write it on the fly.

Characteristic of quality content

Search engines classify content according to several factors. Its factors are influenced by the way people search for information on the net. So, if you take the time to consider social media factors, you could be much more successful online. Below are some characteristics.

The length of your content

The search engine recommends the content of at least 300 words.

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