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Progressive Web Application (PWA) on its website. What is this?

Progressive Web Application (PWA) on its website. What is this?
We explain to you what a PWA (Progressive Web Application) is and how it works. The world of web development is constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging that are changing the way we interact with the web. One such technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity, is the Progressive Web App (PWA). But what is a PWA and why is it so important for the future of the mobile web? Let’s dive into this fascinating universe.

What is a Progressive Web Application?

A Progressive Web App is a web application that uses modern technologies to provide a user experience similar to that of a native mobile application. It combines the best of websites and mobile applications to provide a smooth, fast and reliable experience. With a PWA, users can receive push notifications, access content offline, and even install the app on their device's home screen, without going through an app store.

Why are PWAs so important?

  1. Improved user experience : PWAs provide a smooth and fast user experience. They load quickly, work offline, and react instantly to user interactions.
  2. Resource Saving : Unlike traditional mobile apps that require separate development for Android and iOS, a single PWA works on both platforms.
  3. Instant Updates : Updates are applied directly and automatically, without the user having to download anything.
  4. Accessibility : PWAs are accessible through a web browser, eliminating the need to download an app from an app store.

How to add a PWA to your site?

Transforming a website into a PWA requires a few essential steps:
  1. Service Worker : This is a script that runs in the background of your browser. It plays a crucial role in enabling features like offline mode, push notifications, and resource caching.
  2. Manifest : A JSON file that contains details about your application, such as its name, icon, description, and how it should display on the screen.
  3. HTTPS : For security reasons, your site must be served over HTTPS to be a PWA.
If this seems complicated, don't worry! We have developed a WordPress plugin that greatly simplifies this process. With our plugin, you can turn your WordPress site into a PWA in seconds. No need to be an expert in coding or web development. Simply install our extension, follow the instructions, and voilà! Your site is now a PWA.

Use our WordPress plugin to add PWA (Progressive Web Application) functionality to your WordPress website.

In the following, I explain how to have and install our plugin.

Step 1- Complete the form below.

To obtain a copy of our extension, complete the form below. In the description field, specify that you would like to have a copy of our extension.

Step 2 – Installing the extension.

Once we send you a copy of the extension, you must follow the standard procedure to install it. Namely select the zip and import it into your WordPress admin panel. We offer you a WordPress extension that we developed that can help you configure a PWA on your website.

Step 3 – Setup

After installation you should see a tab called "PWA Settings", click on this tab and import your icons. You need two icons 192 px* 192 px and 512 px* 512 px.


Progressive Web Applications undoubtedly represent the future of the mobile web. They provide an exceptional user experience while being less expensive and easier to maintain than traditional mobile applications. If you haven't yet considered adopting this technology for your website, now is the perfect time to do so. With our WordPress plugin, transitioning to a PWA has never been easier. I invite you to visit our YouTube channel for more tips. Contact us for your website design, applications and eCommerce projects.