Pricing Policy

Last update • 30 June 2021

Preliminary Price Remarks

This document constitutes our pricing policy and serves as a legal contract between Prositeweb Inc and its customers. In general, it is important to note that all our interventions including discussions concerning your project, technical support and long-term conversations are priced. These conditions do not apply if we have explicitly agreed that the intervention is free. However, we are open to all negotiations and invite you to contacts/s/ us for more information.

Please read carefully before starting any project with us

This article aims to describe how Prositeweb Inc. assigns prices for the development and consultation of websites and e-commerce platforms. We felt it was important to put this policy in place in order to be sure that we are starting off on the right foot. Our major concern is to ensure the smooth running of your projects while forging a long-term relationship. We therefore invite you to take a few minutes to read each section.

Type of pricing we offer in terms of Price

In Prositeweb Inc , we have three (3) types of tariffs:

  • Hourly pricing;
  • Pricing per bank of hours;
  • and pricing per project.

The explanations concerning the different tariffs are detailed below;

Pricing per hour

It is for you if you prefer to pay for your projects per hour of work. With this type of pricing, we make an overall estimate of the approximate number of hours to spend on your projects. And once the agreement is validated, you pay us on the basis of the hours spent on your project. For this type of pricing, you must note 3 important points:

  • The number of hours spent on your project is made up of the number of working hours plus administrative time;
  • We do not offer our services below 7 hours working time. This condition is not applicable to promotions or long-term agreements;
  • Technical support, communications or chat discussions are included in the pricing. However, if we rate you only for your project plus administrative costs, you must pay us a surplus for each additional intervention.

Pricing by bank of hours

The pricing by bank of hours allows you to buy a bank of hours of 20, 40, 60, 120,150 hours … of work. Indeed, this type of pricing gives you the flexibility you need to better move forward in your projects. The basic principles of this type of pricing are as follows:

  • You buy a bank of hours according to your preferences;
  • Once the agreement is validated, you entrust us with your projects and we carry it out within the limits of your time bank;
  • Each time your hourly bank is completed, you can either take another bank of hours or change the rate.

Pricing per project

If you have a project already defined and would like to have a fixed cost estimate, this type of pricing is for you. Indeed, with the pricing per project, we give you a fixed rate based on our expertise with similar projects. Please note that your project estimate is approximate. Thus, we are obligated to request additional payments from you if we believe that we are far beyond the estimated time. If the overtime is however our fault, we assume the consequences. To benefit from this type of pricing, you must meet the following conditions:

  • First, your project must be well defined; or else, you must be prepared to pay a fee for organizing your project.
  • Second, you need to have specifications to perform. However, we are at your disposal to write one.
  • Finally, your project should be a minimum of 5 hours of work.


Prositeweb Inc offers website development services and e-commerce solutions. In order to be reassured to offer you unique and quality services, it is important to take into account our conditions. We would like to emphasize that we are working by working time and not by task. To this end, our pricing includes working time, administrative costs and most importantly the time spent in communication. If you have any questions, you can contacts/s/ us by phone at +15145482165 or via our Contact form .
To learn more about our achievements, you can visit our portfolio. We are also very active on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn .

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