Summary of tasks completed

Summary of tasks completed

We were honoured to collaborate with the customer on this project. Below are some tasks performed

About the project

As experts in web development, we had the privilege of developing the site of the UFC MIFI movement. The website we have set up is 100% mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines. To be able to validate this, we performed validations through GTmetrix, SEO software and W3C .


L’union des femmes chrétiennes est un mouvement qui a pour but de rassembler les femmes chrétiennes de l’Église Évangélique du Cameroun en vue de leur épanouissement et à travers elles, la famille, la société et l’Église. C’est un mouvement bien structuré et fort qui oeuvre pour l’épanouissement spirituel et éducatif complet de l’être humain. Et tout ceci dans le respect des valeurs du genre, d’unité, d’intégration et de solidarité dans une diversité culturelle.

Projet de développement de site web

Nous avons eu l'occasion de développer le site web de l'UFC. En effet, dans l'optique de promouvoir leur activité, avoir un site web était primordial. En collaboration avec la présidente qui a offi le contenu, nous avons élaboré une stratégie.

Étapes du projet

Nous avons éffectué le projet en plusieurs étapes; à savoir:

  • L'analyse du besoin

  • Development of the site plan

  • Choice of design and technology

  • Design conception for the website

  • Content integration

  • Testing and validation

Project implementation

In order to carry out the project, we made sure that the site was fully adapted to the context of most of the target. In fact, the majority of Internet users use mobile phones. In addition, the internet speed is not always so good. We therefore reassured ourselves to create a platform that is 100% mobile-friendly and with the lowest possible execution time. For the realization of the project, we followed the following steps:

  • Creating a Custom Design - Based on an HTML design purchased online, we created a WordPress template for the project. Our choice was made in this way to be sure to use as little extension as possible.

  • Content integration - We made the integration so that a third party could manage the site without any problem

  • Testing and validation. In order to be sure that all the parameters of the site have been taken into account, we have done the GTmetrix, SEO and W3C validation.

Validation results

At the end of our validations, we were reassured:

  • That the page execution time was under 2 seconds

  • to make all pages suitable for mobiles and tablets

  • that there are no HTML syntax errors.

Technologies used to complete the project


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