Summary of tasks completed

Summary of tasks completed

We were honoured to collaborate with the customer on this project. Below are some tasks performed

  • Content integration

  • Front-end / Backend development

  • Integration of the payment module

  • Optimization for better positioning on Google

  • Site design

  • Website optimization

About the project

TrendGate is an online store offering a set of hi-tech products to its customers. We had the pleasure of working with their Marketing team in the design of their website.

Prositeweb Inc. mission was to offer a set of designs from which TrendGate has chosen. We also did the theme development, some extensions and the integration of the content.

About the TrendGate project

As part of the creation of the TrendGate website, we had to:

  • Propose a set of designs that matched the needs of the company. From these designs, the company chose one that we used to design the site.

  • We developed the custom theme as needed by the company using the solution WooCommerce which is one of the most popular in e-Commerce design

  • With the specific needs of the customer, we have chosen the extensions that best suit their needs. In addition, we have developed some custom extensions for their website.

Choice of design for the site

We have made a set of suggestions from which the customer has chosen. He particularly focused on the designs that most closely matched his industry and vision.

Theme Development

Based on the design selected by the client, we developed the theme for the website. We have also chosen some important extensions for the proper functioning of the site. These extensions were additional options to those we already had internally.

Extensions for the site

To speed up the website development process - TrendGate, we have chosen a few common extensions.

  • For example, we used WPML for the creation of the language option on the site.

  • LiteSpeed Cache allowed us to optimize the performance of the site

  • Thanks to Smush, we have optimized and reduced the impact of images on the website.

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