Summary of tasks completed

Summary of tasks completed

We were honoured to collaborate with the customer on this project. Below are some tasks performed

  • Content integration

  • Front-end / Backend development

  • Graphic design

  • Management panel

  • Site design

  • Website optimization

  • WordPress network

About the project

The Property Appraiser is an online solution for people who want to have their home's market value. The answer was developed together with a real estate brokerage expert. We had the opportunity to work on the background aspect of the project. Indeed, with our expertise in developing web solutions, Philippe Lemay requested our services to set up the platform.

Objective and mode of operation of the platform

The primary purpose of the platform is to allow individuals to assess their property. Indeed, given the variations in real estate value, an expert opinion may be necessary. To have an evaluation, the principle is simple:

  • Use the online evaluation form to locate your property.

  • Then, once you have found your property, submit your information.

  • Finally, you will receive your evaluation report.

A broker may contact you for more details on your valuation.

Our mission in the realization of the project

We participated in the background aspect of the Project. More specifically, we brought our expertise to

  • the development of functionalities,

  • The establishment of main modules

  • Site integration with APIs

To be able to work on the project, we used WordPress by customizing the entire code. Because the site owner wanted to have a more sub-site depending on the cities, we called on the WordPress Network, making it possible to have several sites under a single administrator panel.

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Why work with us

"Property evaluation" is a 100% personalized solution that integrates multiple functionalities. Thanks to this project, we have put forward several of our skills. Among its gifts, we have personalized development, API development, platform security management, and e-commerce platform development. Well, more.

We can also assist you in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization of your platform. This will allow you to gain greater visibility on social media. You will also be able to increase your positioning on the main search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.
Summary of tasks completed
Summary of tasks completed

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