Website design Giolong Groupe

Website design Giolong Groupe

We were honoured to collaborate with the customer on this project. Below are some tasks performed

  • Content integration

  • Front-end / Backend development

  • Optimization for better positioning on Google

  • Security analysis

  • Site design

  • Website optimization

About the project

Giolong Group is one of the top companies in its industry based in Montreal. For more than 25 years, the company offer services such as audit, Quality Control, Logistics Coordination, Product Development and much more. It was a pleasure working with them in the complete redesign of their site.

Redesign of the Giolong Group website

To increase their overall ranking on the net, the company hired us to complete an overhaul of their existing site. As a mission, we were responsible for:

  • Suggesting and helping choose a design for the new site. For instance, the company wishes to have a site completely different from their previous one. We have, therefore, suggested several designs among which they picked one.

  • Developing a template adapted to their needs. We worked together to develop a template that we had to integrate into a CMS.

  • Choice of extensions. To speed up the development process, we chose a few reliable extensions to use for the project.

  • Integration, development, validation and training.

Some important elements of the Giolong Group project

We worked with Giolong Group to set up a website adapted to the realities of their business. Besides, we made sure that the site is easy to manage and maintain. Below are some characteristics of the site:

  • 100% responsive (mobile, tablet or desktop). To ensure that we target customers regardless of their device size, we have worked on the site responsiveness.

  • A 100% turnkey solution. Giolong's marketing team took over the management of the site immediately after the development process. We offered them training to help them understand how the site works. Moreover, we are always ready to work together in case they have a question.

  • A site that follows the W3C guidelines. We took the time to validate all of our HTML syntaxes.

  • A powerful solution that is easy to maintain and update

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Website design Giolong Groupe
Website design Giolong Groupe
Website design Giolong Groupe

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