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Summary of tasks completed

Summary of tasks completed

We were honoured to collaborate with the customer on this project. Below are some tasks performed

  Conception du logo

  Content integration

  Front-end / Backend development

  Graphic design

  Integration of an online payment method

  Integration of the payment module

  Optimization for better positioning on Google

  Security analysis

  Site design

  Website optimization

Cameroon237 is a set of solutions intended to boost the visibility of Cameroonian companies. Indeed, the solutions offer a business directory, a site builder and SEO tools. To find out more about the software Cameroon 237, click here.

Theme Development

We used custom themes for the design of the sites. The theme we used took from a basic HTML design that we converted to PHP. So, it was easier to have a unique solution.

Extensions for the software

We have also chosen some important extensions for the proper functioning of the software – Cameroon 237. These extensions were additional options to those we already had internally.

  • For example, we used WPML for the creation of the language option on the site;
  • Also, we have used custom extensions to facilitate content management.

Technological choice

For the realization of the project, we agreed with the client to use WordPress. Our suggestion was based on various options that WordPress can offer.

About Cameroon Website

After the development of Cameroon software, we created their website. is an application that allows you to create a website for free and without any software skills.

The technological choice for the Cameroon site

Besides, we agreed with the client to use Laravel and Angular JS to realize the project.

About the Directory application

Cameroon is a web application that aims to promote Cameroonian companies.

The technological choice for the Cameroon Directory site

Besides, we agreed with the customer to use Laravel as modern technology to realize this project.

And Savior plus

However, to learn more about these accomplishments, have a look at these links:

  2. Cameroon
  3. Cameroon

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