Technology Media is a blog that offers a diverse set of content on science, technology and health. The owner is based in Canada and works with experts to deliver quality content. To learn more about what their site offers, we invite you to visit their website. We had the privilege of developing the Technology Media WordPress theme to allow them to redesign their website. The mandate was established from a design that we had to convert into HTML and then create a theme for WordPress. Here is a presentation of the project.

How did our collaboration with Technologie Média achieve its objective?

It was a pleasure to work with Technologie Média to develop their WordPress theme. After several exchanges, we were able to establish specifications. It was a question of designing a design that resembled an existing website. As technical specifications, we should:

  • Design the model with the pages to implement
  • Convert this template to HTML
  • Next, code the WordPress theme from HTML.

We will also need to consider external photo or video resources. For this, making a feature that should automatically assign the first photo as a featured photo was necessary.

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