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WordPress Theme Design — Media Technology
WordPress Theme Design — Media Technology
WordPress Theme Design — Media Technology

How did our collaboration with Technologie Média achieve its objective?


Working with Technologie Média to develop their WordPress theme was a pleasure. After several exchanges, we were able to establish specifications. It was a question of building a design that resembled an existing website. As technical specifications, we should:

  • Design the model with the pages to implement
  • Convert this template to HTML
  • Next, code the WordPress theme from HTML.

We will also need to consider the external photo or video resources. For this, making a feature that should automatically assign the first photo as a featured photo was necessary.

Crucial steps in the realization of the project

Initial model design

Converting the template to HTML

Theme development

Feature integration

Testing and validation

Continuous improvement


About WordPress

WordPress is what we call a Content Management System (CMS), that is to say a system (tool, software or platform, call it what you want) allowing to create and design websites and is relatively simple to handle. Simple and flexible, it is a system used to create all kinds of websites, from a simple blog to a complex multilingual corporate site, including an online store. Regularly updated, with many themes and extensions available, WordPress is an evolving platform that follows web standards. In addition, WordPress is free software using the GPLv2 open-source license.

What is WordPress for?

WordPress is used to create websites, from start to finish, without having to know a programming language or code (although this is a great asset). WordPress IS the code.
WordPress can be used to build any kind of website:
– Personal or collaborative blog, magazine style
– Online store
– Company website
– Community or association site with exchanges, forums and more

What is special about WordPress?

In web design, WordPress makes it possible to develop sites that fully meet the needs of clients, no matter how numerous and complex. Thanks to the numerous extensions, WordPress gives the possibility to easily add an online store module, create multilingual content (Hello World), secure the site, manage online registrations, share content to social media, compose newsletters, publish videos and much more. The best part is that all the content is accessible and manageable from the same place, at all times. Several visuals or themes are also available and serve as a base from which to work to create a unique design that stands out.

In a simple way, WordPress allows you to create highly functional, designer websites that conform to the latest web standards without having to code everything from scratch. This saves me time, which I can then devote to the quality of the content and the visuals.

The benefits of WordPress

The advantages of WordPress from a web developer’s perspective are obvious: WordPress allows you to meet all of your clients’ needs from different angles.
From a general point of view, the biggest advantage is that WordPress is a completely free CMS, because it is an open source site. Moreover, as thousands of people around the world work on it, it is constantly evolving and undergoes regular updates.
WordPress is also known for its simplicity of use and also of creation. No need to pay a webmaster or even a programmer, you will be able to do everything yourself. When you start creating a site or blog, WordPress will explain the basic tools to you in a short tutorial.

The disadvantages of WordPress

In terms of design, many themes are offered to the user but they are all more or less similar. In addition, many of these themes are only available in English. This is a big problem if you want to create a site or a blog entirely in French.
Another important point not to be neglected is the security of your creations. WordPress is managed by a lot of users (OpenSource) so you have to be really careful about any kind of hacking.

How do I get started with WordPress?

WordPress is easy to use, which is one of its biggest advantages. You don’t need to be a computer genius to create your site. All you have to do is download the software, install it on your PC and access the dashboard. From there, all you have to do is choose the themes and extensions to create your website. With a built-in feature, WordPress performs automatic updates and notifies you when a new version is available.

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