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The Terrebonne Tennis Club is a non-profit tennis organization run by volunteers. 

The Terrebonne Tennis Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It will begin its 20th season in 2022 and is now the 2nd tennis club affiliated with Tennis Québec in importance in Quebec with its 240 members.

The club offers several activities:

  1. The singles league
  2. The “Double-Open”
  3. The “Double”
  4. The “Tournaments”

Terrebonne Tennis Club Platform Needs

The website was built on Drupal 7 and with the current security updates along side new functionalities added to latest version of Drupal(i.e. Drupal 9). This would allow the website to run more efficiently, and be more secure from online threats. Developments done for the Terrebonne Tennis Club website : –

  1. Build a new module on Drupal 9.
  2. Build custom plugin for the website.
  3. Rebuild the website’s template.

Different challenges

Upgrade the project to Drupal 9

Challenge about the project was finding a module that represented the game tennis while being attractive, build the plugin for the website to work on the new Drupal version. After much analysis and research we opted for the design which is similar to their old template but with more functionalities so the clients be similar with the website and not feel they’re on a different website. This challenge helped the project to go along side the latest version of Drupal which provided much better performance and security.

Develop a custom plugin for the project named ‘ELO’.

This plugin is one of the main upgrade added to the project. The client wanted to keep an online score board which automatically updates game score for every player on the website. The plugin would keep score of different game group such as single, double, open and double open, when one of these group plays a game their score is calculated and ranks are given by the plugin accordingly, plugin also provides option of replacement for the player if the player is not available for the game. The score is determined from season to season updated with each game.

Technological choice and final solution

For the design of the Club De Tennis De Terrebonne, we opted for the Drupal solution. Our choice was mainly due to the fact that newer Drupal version offers raw options that facilitate web design, better performance, multi device compatibility and improved security. Combining Drupal with our expertise resulted in a large-scale project.

The steps we used

Analysis of the need and choice of functionalities

Design concept for the website

Plugin development

Content development and integration

Testing and validation


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