Leblogue.org is a showcase platform that gives companies or individuals the opportunity to submit a request to create a blog from $100. It is a website created with WordPress. The service is not automatic. In other words, a team of developers will take care of receiving the request and creating the customer blog. Prositeweb had the privilege of designing the leblogue.org platform.


décembre 16, 2022


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Prositeweb was contacted by an entrepreneur wishing to create an online platform to offer blogging services from $100. The objective was to create a simple and effective showcase website to present the service. In addition, it was to allow potential customers to submit their blog creation request. In order to easily achieve his goal, the client opted for the use of WordPress. The choice was to facilitate the management and updating of its content.


The objectives of this project were:

  • First, Design a professional and modern showcase website to present the blogging services of Leblogue.org.
  • Then, Allow customers to simply submit their blog creation request and track the progress of their project.
  • Therefore, Use WordPress to facilitate the management and updating of site content by the owners of Leblogue.org.
  • Finally, allow users to submit their request to create a blog for their business.

Progress of the Leblogue.org project

Prositeweb worked closely with the client to design a showcase website that reflects Leblogue.org's brand identity. Below are the steps to follow:

  • After a thorough analysis of the client's needs and objectives, we created a mock-up of the homepage and service pages.
  • Next, the developers used WordPress to develop the site.
  • and customized an existing theme to meet the needs of Leblogue.org.

We installed plugins to add features such as a request submission form and a project management system. In addition to this, to allow customers to follow the progress of their project, we have implemented a CRM.


We successfully launched the Leblogue.org website and it meets the needs and objectives of the client. Site visitors can easily learn about blogging services and submit their query to avail the service. The owners of Leblogue.org can simply manage the content of the site through the use of WordPress. In addition, customers can track the progress of their project through an efficient project management system. The site is responsive and adapts to all types of devices, providing a pleasant and consistent user experience across all platforms.

Keys in hand
Custom made
SEO optimized

To carry out the project, we used WordPress, ACF Pro and ACF Extended. To allow the client to easily implement his solution and reach his target, we have developed tailor-made functionalities to carry out the project.

About ACF Pro

ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields Pro) is a popular WordPress plugin that allows users to create custom fields for their pages and posts. Custom fields are fields specific to a page or post that can store additional data such as images, URLs, phone numbers, geo coordinates, videos, etc. Custom fields can be used to personalize the display of the page or post, or to store information that is not directly related to the page or post itself.