Scam Radar is an online phishing information and awareness website. We had the pleasure of developing this website. Via this publication, we are going to present to you some main lines of this achievement. We will talk here about:

  • Need the platform. We will talk in particular about the problem that the platform would like to solve. There is a lot of talk about providing the information required to better protect against cybercriminals.
  • The different challenges. We will, for example, look at the challenges we faced during the project.
  • The steps we used
  • The final solution

Scam Radar Platform Needs

Throughout the project, there was talk of designing a web portal which would allow the managers of the website to publish the reports on the anarque. On the other hand, external users should be able to showcase their experience. The original principle of the platform is to raise awareness about piracy. In other words, all visitors are bound to be able to learn something new. The website is structured in three parts:

  1. A space for blog posts and novelty
  2. A page to publish your experience or see the publications of other users
  3. The section for expert or guest members

The different challenges

The biggest challenge throughout the project was finding a design that represented the concept while being attractive. After much analysis and research, we opted for a darker and more aggressive style. Indeed, you will agree that cybercrime is an issue not to be taken lightly. This has an impact on the lives of people and on societies.

Technological choice and final solution

For the design of the Scam Radar website, we opted for the WordPress solution and for this we used the tools such as Elementor and ACF . Our choice was mainly due to the fact that WordPress offers raw options that facilitate web design. Combining WordPress with our expertise resulted in a large-scale project.

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