Plasma Health website design

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Plasma Health website design
Plasma Health website design
Plasma Health website design

Plasma Santé is a nursing consultation center in Montreal. We are happy to present our project to you. Thanks to our collaboration with the owner, we have developed his center’s website. Indeed, Plasma Santé is a specialist in nursing and social work consultation. If you are looking for a nursing care consultant, please contact Plasma Santé. However, contact us if you are looking for web development agencies for your project.

Project description

We had the privilege of being selected for the project. His project was structured in four parts: the design selection, the choice of services to promote, the technologies used and the development of the site.

Design selection for the project

To have a design close to the site’s activities, we took the time to select a few techniques from the theme bank on the net. The design that captured the customer’s attention is the one you will see on the site now.

Choice of services to promote

She was empowered to decide which services fit best to feature on her site. She offered us some nursing care and social work services.

The technologies to use

We used the WordPress content manager with 100% custom theme development to make it easier to manage the site and update information. As for the design, we created one from scratch using the HTML 5 theme. Thanks to our expertise, we have also incorporated functionalities such as the contact form, the connection to emails and the marketing tool.

The development of the site

We have developed the site using best practices in web development. Indeed, the application of good practices is essential for performance. This is why we reassure ourselves to respect them. Once the project was completed, we proceeded to test and validate. Below are some things we constantly check:

  1. Site usability — Many customers visit websites on mobiles and tablets. Thus, making sure that the website is 100% suitable for all types of screens is essential
  2. HTML syntax validation using W3C validator. We use the tool offered by W3C to ensure there are no syntax errors.
  3. Site performance and security — Our go-to platform for performance analysis is GTMetrix. Indeed, thanks to their online tool, we can have a detailed list of all the performance problems of the site.
  4. As for security, we use Captchas to protect the forms and the HTTPS certificate to encrypt the data.

Some stages of the project

Needs assessment

Logo design

Design development

Website creation and integration

Testing and validation

Website launch

Why trust Prositeweb?

If you have a website or application design project, you should definitely ask yourself why trust Prositeweb . Below are some of the benefits you will get from working with us.

One of the biggest challenges for many companies is to easily continue their project without being too dependent on developers. At Prositeweb, we develop 100% turnkey solutions giving you the possibility to easily improve internally. In addition, our team scrupulously respects the recommendations of the W3C and the solutions that we use.

You will certainly find several web integrators; but not enough experts able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs. Indeed, creating a website these days is easily done thanks to the multiplicity of web design software. However, to stand out, sometimes you need to go to the beginning of what the software offers. That's why we work with you to build custom sites and solutions for your business.

Every solution you choose for your website design will have limitations. However, these limitations can be compensated by a competent team. Prositeweb works with you to make the necessary modifications to a technology in order to adapt it to your needs.

The quality of your website is important for better indexing on search engines. This is why we are very careful about our approach to web development.

An ergonomic solution

The primary goal of your website or application being to easily reach your site, we make sure to do all the necessary validations before going online. Our validations can consist in validating the adaptability of the site with the types of screens.

A website safe from cybercriminals.

Cybercrime is a major issue on the net. This is why it is important to establish barrier measures to better protect yourself. Measures include, among other things, the quality of codes and best practices.

The performance of your web solution

Performance is a key element that you should not neglect if you want to better reach your target. Prositeweb works to apply a set of measures to ensure that your solution is relatively easy to navigate. For this, we adopt good practices and carry out a set of tests before the publication of the website.

Prositeweb is a Montreal-based web agency that offers its customers services in website design, online stores and management software. We also offer parallel management services for your web or hosting solutions. Created in 2016, we have distinguished ourselves by our approach oriented towards software development combined with marketing. Our services are mainly focused on backend and front-end development.

The backend development of your websites or applications.

Backend development essentially consists of working on the functionalities of your solutions. We work to implement the solutions that best fit your needs. Indeed, we are a team of developers with expertise in handling content managers and Frameworks. We have, for example, had the opportunity to do projects with modern web tools. Our team can assist you with, among other things:

  • The development of functionalities for your web projects.
  • The creation of custom models.
  • Establish the connection between your web solutions and external solutions.
  • The management of your web solutions.
  • Optimization for better performance.

Front-end website development

Front-end development will mainly consist of creating the visual side of your websites. Our team can work with you on:

  • The creation of your designs.
  • Improved ergonomics.
  • convert your designs into HTML format
  • Maintenance or management work.

You will find all the projects we have carried out on the achievements page . Leave us a message for a free evaluation of your web project.

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