Magento consulting and development for Alltides Montreal

Consultation et développement Magento pour Alltides Montreal

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Magento consulting and development for Alltides Montreal
Magento consulting and development for Alltides Montreal
Magento consulting and development for Alltides Montreal

Our mandate with Alltides

Our work on the Alltides website varies from installing extensions and connecting to third-party resources to custom programming. Some of our key tasks have been:

Ongoing site maintenance

To ensure that the website remains operational, we attended ongoing daily maintenance. For example, we worked together to fix bugs, configure the server correctly or support their team in all technical aspects.

Installing new features and extensions

To keep Alltides ahead of the competition, they sometimes had to install new features. One of our tasks was to do this while ensuring that they did not affect production. In addition, we were involved in choosing all extensions or web tools.

Consulting service and server maintenance.

With the high level of traffic, their previous server was not always able to support the site. The server did not have the required capacity. This is why we had to assess the problem and propose solutions.

We connected their store to Google Shopping.

One challenge was joining their store to Google Shopping in real-time. For example, the extension they had will not accurately send factual information. For example, product sales would display the regular price on Google Shopping. To overcome the problem, we have developed custom code to take the data and sync it correctly.

Website migration and store update

We also helped with the migration of the store to a new server. Additionally, we are updating their website to new versions.

Some tasks done

Feature development

Creation of Magento modules

Content integration

Choice and installation of modules

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