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Magento consulting and development for Alltides Montreal

Custom development and Magento modules

Alltides is a company specializing in swimming equipment based in Montreal. They are also one of the leaders in their industry. As Magento developers , we helped Alltides maintain their online store.

Our mission at Alltides

We work with them on various Magento 2 projects. In fact, given the constant changes in e-commerce businesses, they needed professionals to work closely with their e-commerce coordinator. At the same time, we had to offer solutions for the proper functioning of their website.

Our mandate with Alltides

Our work on the Alltides website varies from installing extensions, connecting to third-party resources, to custom programming. Some of our key tasks were, among others:

  • Ongoing Site Maintenance To ensure that the website remains operational, we assist with ongoing maintenance on a daily basis. For example, we collaborated to fix bugs, configure the server correctly or support their team in all the technical aspect.
  • Installing new features and extensions To keep Alltides always ahead of the competition, they sometimes had to install new features. So, one of our tasks was to do this while ensuring that they did not affect production. In addition, we intervene in the choice of all extensions or web tools.
  • Consulting service and server maintenance With the high level of traffic, their previous server was not always able to support the site. The server did not have the required capacity. We therefore had to assess the problem and propose solutions.

We also connected their store to Google Shopping. One of the challenges was to join their store to Google Shopping in real time. For example, the extension they had did not send solid information accurately. In particular, the products on sale displayed the normal price on Google Shopping. To overcome the problem, we then developed custom code that takes the data and syncs it correctly.

Website migration and store update

We also helped with the migration of the store to a new server. Additionally, we are updating their website to new versions.

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