Design of the smartest market multi-user platform

Conception de la plateforme multi-utilisateur smartest market

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Design of the smartest market multi-user platform
Design of the smartest market multi-user platform
Design of the smartest market multi-user platform
Design of the smartest market multi-user platform

Creation of the design for the Smartest Market platform

We designed a 100% custom design based on an HTML5 and Laravel theme for the Smartest Market platform website. Indeed, our choice was based on the fact that we wanted to have enough flexibility in using extensions.

Choice of Technology

The platform is fully mobile. Indeed, it was developed using Bootstrap, which adapts the site to all types of screens. So whether you are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, you can access the site without difficulty. Additionally, we used: Google Search Console, MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP.

Smartest Market Platform Security

We have implemented all the means required to secure the website. For example, we have set up a filtering system for all information sent via forms. To fight spam, we used Google’s Captcha V3 software. Captcha is used to block spam by detecting unusual behaviour on the site.

Payment module integration

We had to integrate several online payment modules for the Smartest Market website. Including PayPal, Stripe, etc., to facilitate transactions between the company and its customers.

Optimized for SEO

At Prositeweb, we ensure that all the sites we develop are optimized for search engines. Our goal is not only to develop your site but to ensure better visibility. We have developed the Smartest Market platform by reassuring it to optimize each page.

Our team also uses tools like the w3C Validator to validate HTML syntaxes. Other tools we have used are GTMetrix for performance validation.


Logo design

Our agency worked in collaboration with the owner of the platform for the design of the Logo of Smartest Market. The expectations were described to us, and we implemented this to create its logo. We then proposed several other models from which he chose the one that best suited his needs.

Some important steps in the realization of the project

Analysis of the need. We took the time to do an analysis question to ask questions about the viability of the project

Technological choice. It was asking questions about the appropriate technologies to carry out the project.

Website development. We worked on the design of the website using, for example, the Laravel solution.

Feature development. Indeed, we had to put essential functionalities for the project.

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