Design of the Marie-Céline Montreal Institute website

Conception du site de l'Institut Marie-Céline Montréal

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Design of the Marie-Céline Montreal Institute website
Design of the Marie-Céline Montreal Institute website
Design of the Marie-Céline Montreal Institute website

Marie-Céline currently has two websites: a training site and another for offering services. However, these sites are not structured for conversion. This is why she wanted to create a page to have customers during the holidays. To this end, we had the privilege of being selected for the project. This project was structured in four parts: the design selection, the choice of services to promote, the technique and the development of the site.

1- Selection of the design for the project

To get closer to the sector of activity of the Marie-Céline Institute, we took the time to shop for designs in the theme bank on the net. Among the proposed list, the owner was more interested in the one you will see on the site. Indeed, she made her choice based on preferences regarding colour, sections and layout of information.

2- Choice of services to promote

Given the owner’s expertise in her field, she was more empowered to decide which services fit best for the party time. In her list, she offered us six sub-services to take for her project.

3- The technologies to use

We have used the WordPress content manager to facilitate the management of the site and update information. As for the design, we created one from scratch using the HTML 5 theme. Thanks to our expertise, we have also incorporated functionalities such as the contact form, the connection to emails and the marketing tool of her choice.

4- Development of the Institut Marie-Céline website

We have developed the site using best practices in web development. Indeed, the application of good practices is essential for performance. This is why we reassure ourselves to respect them. Once the project was completed, we proceeded to test and validate. Here are some things we constantly check:


  1. Site usability – Many customers visit websites on mobiles and tablets. Thus, ensuring the website is 100% suitable for all types of screens is essential.
  2. HTML syntax validation using W3C Validator . We use the tool offered by W3C to ensure there are no syntax errors.
  3. Site performance and security – Our go-to platform for performance analysis is GTMetrix. Indeed, thanks to their online tool, we can have a detailed list of all the performance problems of the site.
  4. As for security, we use Captchas to protect the forms and the HTTPS certificate to encrypt the data.

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Validation steps

The ergonomics of the site.

HTML syntax validation using W3C Validator.

Site performance and security.

Compatibility with all types of web browsers.

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