Design of the Giolong Group website

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Design of the Giolong Group website
Design of the Giolong Group website

Some important elements of the Giolong Groupe project

We worked with Giolong Groupe to create a website adapted to the realities of their company. In addition, we have made sure that the site is easy to manage and maintain. Here are some features of the site:

  1. 100% suitable for all platforms (Mobile, tablet or desktop). To reassure ourselves of targeting customers regardless of their device size, we have worked on the site’s ergonomics.
  2. A 100% turnkey solution. Giolong’s marketing team can handle the site’s management as efficiently as possible. Indeed, to allow the team to manage the website better, we had to create a solution with a content manager. This should allow the company to take care of updates and contact us only for more complex needs.
  3. A site that respects W3C standards. We took the time to validate all our HTML syntaxes. To have better visibility on search engines, it is essential to have a website that respects a set of standards.
  4. A powerful solution. Performance is a key factor in keeping customers on your site for as long as possible.

A few steps to the realization of the project

Preliminary analysis — Question the company’s need to better choose the tools.

Technological choice — Take the time to evaluate which tool will be most appropriate for the project.

Choice of design and features — Choose a template for the site. In addition, make a selection of features.

Development and integration — developing the website with the chosen tool. Also do content integration.

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