Design of Shinaïs Beauty online store

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Design of Shinaïs Beauty online store
Design of Shinaïs Beauty online store
Design of Shinaïs Beauty online store

Website design and technologies

We also chose some extensions to facilitate the development process. Indeed, WordPress offers several fairly credible extensions ready to use. We also developed some modules from scratch to avoid weighing down the website.

Shinaïs Beauty logo design

Based on the characteristics explained by the owner, we proposed logos that she validated. If you visit his site, you will see the rendering of the logo made.

Website Validation

To be reassured that the Annaïs Sexy Shop website can be competitive, we have conducted a series of necessary tests before going online. Above are a few:

Site performance

We used GTmetrix to analyze performance. Thanks to the reports we generated, we were able to make some optimizations on the site. For example, we realized that the images were not optimized. To fix the problem, we used the Smush extension that we recommend. We also optimized the code to reduce the site loading time. Below is a screenshot of the performance report.

HTML syntax validation

Using the online W3C Validator tool, we made sure to validate and fix all HTML syntax issues in the code. Despite the amount of time and expertise, we are never immune to mistakes. See below a screenshot.

Other validations

  • The mobile-friendly aspect of the site – We have taken the time to check that the site is suitable for tablets and mobile phones.
  • Site security – We used a captcha to protect the forms. In addition, we have established a few measures to ensure that the site is secure enough.

Some important steps of the Shinaïs Beauty project

Choose an HTML design that best fits the client’s needs.

Convert HTML to WordPress design

Incorporate the design into the platform

Perform testing and validation.

Content integration


Website management training

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