Creation of the Vitali Derma Clinic website

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Creation of the Vitali Derma Clinic website
Creation of the Vitali Derma Clinic website
Creation of the Vitali Derma Clinic website

We designed the website for Clinique Vitali Derma, a specialized skin care center based in Montreal. Indeed, the owner asked us for the design of her website. We are pleased to present the results of this project to you.

About the project

According to the client’s specifications, we had to create a website that was 100% manageable by her team. To this end, the site should be accessible on different types of screens. Her team was responsible for writing the content and integrating the photos and text.

Planning for setting up the Clinique Vitali Derma site

In the planning work, it was a question of choosing the design, the theme’s development, and the site’s essential functionalities. We have, for example, defined the technologies that should be used for the project. In addition, we saw with the site owner how we should arrange the elements on the website.

Technological choice

To realize the project, we opted with the client to use WordPress. Our suggestion was based on various options WordPress has to offer. As you may already know, WordPress is an excellent web design tool. It is also the most popular software in terms of use.

Choice of design for the site

At the end of this project, we proposed several designs to the client and among these proposals, she made her choice. She chose a design that best fit her business and her vision.

Theme Development

Based on the design selected by the client, we developed the theme for the website. We have also chosen some crucial extensions for the proper functioning of the site. In addition, these extensions were complementary options to those we already had internally.

Some important steps to carry out the project

Planning for setting up the Clinique Vitali Derma site

Technological choice

Choice of design for the site

Theme Development

Development and integration

Tests and validations

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