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Creation of the effleurescence website

Effleurescence is a professional flower and gardening company. The owner started as a florist for over 20 years among annual flowers and water gardens. To this end, he had the opportunity to develop an expertise in the creation of atmosphere and temporal space.

Our mission in the development of the Effleurescence company website

As part of the development of the effleurescence website, we had to create an e-commerce platform. It was therefore a question of participating in the project from A to Z. As experts, we did the design, integrated the content and optimized the site for better referencing.

About the development project of the effleurescence boutique

It was a pleasure to work on the design of the effleurescence online store. We propose here some main lines of the realization of the project. The design of the website was a takeover of a contract not completed by another web agency. The previous agency started the project in WordPress .

Assessment of the client's need.

To carry out the project, the first phase consisted of assessing the client's needs. This consisted, among other things, in better understanding its needs and its resources. At the end of the evaluation, we decided on the technology to be used, the tools and the resources required.

Technological choice

Given what the client was looking for, we decided on the WooCommerce solution. Our choice was influenced, among other things, by the first version of the website. In addition, we wanted to provide a 100% turnkey solution.

WordPress/WooCommerce theme development

Referring to the client's specifications, we developed a WordPress theme for her online store. The process involved purchasing an HTML template which we then turned into a WordPress theme.

Website development

We then developed the website using WordPress and WooCommerce. The process also involved choosing and installing extensions to speed up the process.

Integration of effleurescence website content

Once the website was completed, we integrated the content. We also worked with the florist on the choice of photos and texts for the content.

Testing and validation

After the development of the site, we did a set of validations to make sure that the site is ready to be put online. So we have:

  • tested the performance of the website by ensuring that the website has a very low loading time;
  • validated ergonomics. In addition, we worked on adaptability with mobile phones and tablets.

Are you pursuing a similar project? You can contact us. In addition, we also offer ready-to-use solutions.

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