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Creation of a bilingual and elegant website for the Professional Training Center Monga Anne Beauty

Le Centre de Formation Professionnelle Monga Anne Beauty un centre de formation qui offre plusieurs formations en soins de beauté. Coiffure Mixte, Esthétique et Dermatologie, Massothérapie, Onglerie prothésiste. Nous avons travaillé avec le centre de formation pour la création de leur site web. Nous avons utilisé WordPress et l'ACF Pro. Lors du processus de développement, nous avons utilisé un design HTML que nous avons converti en thème WordPress. Le site web est en anglais et Français (Pour la traduction, nous utilisons Gtranslate.

Centre de Formation Professionnel Monga Anne Beauty







The Monga Anne Beauty Professional Training Center offers various training courses in beauty care . They wanted an elegant and functional website to present their programs and attract new students. They were also looking for a bilingual solution (French and English) to reach a wider audience. That's why they called on our services.

Solution provided

Prositeweb worked closely with the training center to develop a website. We have ensured that the site is adapted to their needs. For this, our team used WordPress and the ACF Pro extension. For the realization of the project, we have:

  • first designed a custom HTML design
  • then converted it into a bespoke WordPress theme.
  • For translation, we have integrated Gtranslate, allowing visitors to easily navigate between the French and English versions of the site.


The website developed for the Monga Anne Beauty Professional Training Center has made it possible to:

  • highlight their training
  • and promote their expertise in the field of beauty care.

Thanks to the bilingual solution and the attractive visual aspect of the site, the center can easily attract new students and expand its clientele. The WordPress and ACF Pro solutions facilitate content management and site customization, ensuring an optimal online experience for visitors.

Presentation of the solutions used

  • WordPress: A popular and flexible content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites extensively.
  • ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields): a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage custom fields for pages, posts and custom content types, offering greater flexibility in creating suitable content.
  • Gtranslate: a translation solution that makes it easy to add multilingual functionality to a website, making content accessible to an international audience.

Do you have a project similar to that of the Monga Anne Beauty Professional Training Center?

If you want to create a professional website similar to that of the Monga Anne Professional Training Center, contact us . We offer customized and turnkey solutions.