Paysage Info is a Chadian online newspaper specializing in the publication of local and international news. We have created their website to allow them to better promote their activity. The website is developed on WordPress. We used the ACF Pro extension and an ACF Extended that we have in-house to create the look. The theme created is a custom theme that we created from an HTML design.

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Paysage Info is a Chadian online newspaper. In fact, it specializes in publishing local and international news. To better promote their activities and reach their audience, his management decided to create a website. For this, the Prositeweb team developed their website through WordPress. We also used the ACF Pro extension and an internal Extended ACF to create the look. Plus, the theme is 100% custom. To avoid using too many extensions, we opted to convert the HTML design to a WordPress theme.

Objectives of Paysage info

The Paysage Info website had several objectives:Introduce the organization and its activities. Publish articles on local and international news. Make it easier for users to navigate the website. Collect information about readers and subscribers. Optimize the website for search engines.


Prositeweb worked closely with Paysage Info to design a website. As a result, we are confident that their website meets their needs and brand image. For the technology, we chose the development with WordPress. Indeed, WordPress has a reputation for facilitating content management and customization of appearance.We also used the ACF Pro extension and an Extended ACF to create a custom look. This had the effect of meeting the requirements of Paysage Info.  To limit the use of extensions and offer users a better experience, we also used an HTML theme that we transformed into a WordPress design.The website is organized into several sections to present
  • the organization,
  • then articles on local and international news,
  • then information about readers and subscribers,
  • and finally, how to support the organization.
The design is modern and refined, it, therefore, highlights the content and images. And, this while reflecting the professional image of the newspaper.We have also integrated features to make it easier for users to navigate. Some of the tools we have integrated include:
  • drop-down menus,
  • social sharing buttons
  • and a search bar.
We also optimized the website for search engines to increase its online visibility and attract new readers.


The new Landscape Info website was successfully launched and received positive feedback from the client.  In addition, it allows to:
  • publish articles on local and international news,
  • but also to collect information about readers and subscribers,
  • increase online visibility
  • and finally, to attract new readers.
In addition, the client can easily update and manage the site independently.

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