Cameroon 237 is an online solution that offers Cameroonian companies the creation of websites at a lower cost. The idea is to give companies the opportunity to benefit from reusable tools to set up their site. We created the website with WordPress and WooCommerce for payment options.

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Cameroon 237

Wordpress, WooCommerce,
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Prositeweb received a request from a Cameroonian entrepreneur to create an online platform to offer website creation services to Cameroonian companies. The latter is called "Cameroon 237 Biz". Indeed, the objective was to create a website showcase simple and effective to present the service. The goal is to allow potential clients to understand the steps to take to benefit from the services offered. The customer wanted a WordPress site for its ease of content management.


The objectives of this project were to:
  • Design a professional and modern showcase website to present Cameroon 237’s website design services;
  • Explain explicitly the steps to follow to benefit from the services offered;
  • Use WordPress to facilitate the management and updating of site content by the owners of Cameroon 237.

Progress of the project

Prositeweb worked closely with the client. The goal is to design a showcase website that reflects the brand identity of Cameroon 237. We first conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and objectives. Next, we developed a mock-up of the homepage and service pages. Thereafter, we used WordPress to develop the site. Finally, we have customized an existing theme to meet the needs of Cameroon 237. In addition, the team has installed some plugins to add functionality. In particular, a quote request form and project management modules. This is to allow clients to follow the progress of their projects.


We have successfully deployed the Cameroon 237 website. Obviously, the latter meets the client’s needs and objectives. Visitors to the site can easily learn more about the services offered by Cameroon 237. They can also follow the steps to benefit from these services. The owners of Cameroon 237 can easily manage the content of the site through the use of WordPress. In addition, clients potentially follow the progress of their projects through effective project management modules. The site is responsive and adaptable to all types of devices. Therefore, it offers a pleasant and consistent user experience on all platforms.
To carry out the project, we used WordPress, Woocommerce, and ACF Pro. To ensure that the website meets the expectations of the project, we created a custom WordPress theme.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to transform a WordPress site into an online store. Indeed, it offers e-commerce features such as product management, order management, customer management, payment processing, and shipping logistics integration. The solution also offers great flexibility through the use of free or paid themes and plugins, to customize the appearance and functionality of the online store.

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