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Capsule 2 - Web standards: Recommendations and best practices

Capsule 2 – Web standards: Recommendations and best practices
With the rapid evolution of web design tools and the simplification of processes, a worrying trend is emerging. Increasingly, companies are abandoning good design practices, hindering their ability to scale effectively.

Contextualization: The Lack of Solid Foundations

Today's market is full of talented developers with modern tools, but without a solid foundation in web design. As a result, they produce web solutions that follow neither best practices nor established standards, thereby limiting business progress.

The Importance of Standards and Good Practices

Web standards and good design practices are crucial. They allow you to create scalable, accessible and efficient web projects. Without these foundations, we risk building solutions that are fragile and unsatisfactory for end users.

Objective of the Video Series

We aim to highlight the importance of web design fundamentals in this video series. Through discussions, case studies and testimonials, we will show how to improve design skills for successful web projects.

Who is this series for?

This series is aimed at digital content creators, businesses and web developers. It will reveal to you how web standards and an appropriate methodology can transform your projects.

Conclusion: Call to Action

Take part in this essential exploration for any web professional. Let's strengthen our foundations in web design together to develop robust, scalable solutions adapted to the needs of businesses and their users. Don't miss our first episode, where we'll begin our journey to better web design.

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