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Organizing Events - How to Use a Website to Attract and Retain Attendees

Organizing Events – How to Use a Website to Attract and Retain Attendees
When organizing events, each participant can be a potential customer. Indeed, if a person chooses to participate in your event, it is certainly because they would like to know more about your products or services. Therefore, finding a way to retain contacts can be a way to save money in the short or long term. In this article, we offer you a reflection on how to use a website and marketing tools. This will help attract and retain participants. We will make a set of suggestions based on the commonly used approach. If you are not using a website, we will see how a website can be added to the equation. At the end of the article, For any questions, please leave us a message in the comments.

A fairly popular approach to event organizers.

With the options offered by several social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, many event organizers are limited to creating a publication with a recording option or a link. These links will redirect participants to Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Team. After attending events, organizers will follow up to convert. Participants who have not subscribed to the services/services will be forgotten. Therefore, the organizer will want to focus on those who have agreed to take a service. Indeed, a handful of companies with marketing tools will set up an email marketing list to avoid duplicate spending.

In event organization, each participant is a potential customer.

Far from being a simple number, each person who participated in your event is a potential customer. Indeed, if at the end of the event, the participant does not subscribe to your services or products, he could soon be. For this reason, finding a way to keep him informed of the evolution of your activities can be a plus. It is in this perspective that a website and marketing tools can help. Above we give you the steps to follow to better attract, retain and convert your participants. Organizing Events - How to Use a Website to Attract and Retain Attendees

How to attract and convert more attendees at your events in 5 steps

The 5 steps below will allow you to develop a lasting relationship with your attendees in order to increase your sales.

1 - Create a lead generation website (Lead generator)

A small lead generation website is usually a one-page site that gets straight to the point. You can create it at prositeweb at a lower cost. Thanks to this site, you can explain what you offer as training and also how the user can register. On this page, you will obviously put a form to allow participants to register.

2 - Connect your Lead Generator with an email marketing tool and your event platform.

If you have email marketing software, you should connect your website with this tool. Otherwise, we will recommend tools such as Mailchimp, GetResponse or Campaigner. We have the expertise in integrating these tools and we will be honored to help you with the configurations. Solutions such as Zoom offer APIs that can be connected to your website to send participant recordings. Otherwise, you can always create an automation process from the email marketing tool. In this case, it will be a question of creating an automatic email with the link to the meeting that the user will receive once registered for the event.

3 - Program a sales funnel.

It will generally be a question of establishing a set of processes to facilitate the journey of your participants. We must not lose sight of the fact that the ultimate goal of events is to make sales. Therefore, having an additional process to consider the scenarios can help not lose opportunities. In this case, thinking about a customer relationship management (CRM) tool can help. Some tools that we can recommend in this sense are: HubSpot, Monday, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

4 - Launch newsletters;

Keeping your audience informed about what's new in your industry can help develop a lasting relationship. Indeed, if you are an artificial intelligence consultant and you offer applications. Sending newsletters to inform your audience of new products can encourage them to end up buying your products. Alternatively, they can share to their audience; which is always a plus for your business.

5 - Inform your contacts first of new events

Your contact list is obviously potential customers for upcoming events. Therefore, your marketing efforts might be to complete the list.

Work with experts to set up a process for organizing events

You obviously need experts like prositeweb to implement such a strategy. Prositeweb can assist you in the technical aspect of organizing events. We have expertise in:
  • Creation of bespoke websites
  • Connecting tools with marketing apps
  • Creation of sales tunnels
  • API development
By working with us, you benefit from the contribution of a team of professional developers with several years of expertise. We are very active on social media. Subscribe to our LinkedIn page .

Conclusion — Organization of events and marketing tools

With the right website and marketing tools, setting up conversion tools is relatively easy. Thanks to this, you will save on the search for participants and easily grow your business.

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