Online business is a very lucrative business. You have to know which tool to start with, in this article we will talk about OpenCart


About OpenCart

OpenCart is an online store management software.

Why OpenCart?

There are reasons to adopt this software.

Language diversity

The software is available in several languages and even has forums also in several.

Reporting system

You will be able to consult the statistics of your online store. A careful study will allow the owner to make good choices.

Open source and free

The solution is 100% open-source, i.e. you can access the codes to customize as you wish. For this purpose, if you work with a developer or with web development skills, you can implement your vision without worrying about limitations.

A wide choice of ready-to-use features

Thanks to the web community behind this management software’s success, you can benefit from ready-to-use features and themes. Indeed, thanks to these tools, you can create or improve your store without having to start from scratch.

Some features of OpenCart

What features does OpenCart offer us?

Different types of payment systems

The store will meet the needs of different customers through a wide range of payment types and thus retain valuable customers. At the same time, seduce potential customers.

Possibility of having a mobile application

There is a strong tendency to use apps. Fans of online shopping are no exception. With the management software, it is possible to easily build its application thanks to the OpenCart Android / iOS Mobile App Builder extension in a few clicks.


It is possible to move from a simple e-commerce site to a Marketplace. The OpenCart marketplace extension can activate your site’s multi-seller functionality without modifying the base code of the site. This module also simplifies management.

Some disadvantages of OpenCart

The disadvantages of OpenCart are:


Compatibility issues between extensions and OpenCart due to an update of it.


Setting up the order form is not easy.

Low-quality plug-in

Many developers, with or without excellent knowledge, create plugins. The result is very often disappointing.

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