Migrating From Elo Module to Drupal 9

Migrating From Elo Module to Drupal 9


Terrebonne Tennis Club


20 April 2024


2 mois

Tennis Terrebonne commissioned us to migrate the Elo Module to Drupal 9. Tennis Terrebonne is a recognized association in the tennis world. Several years ago, members set up a specific application, called ELO, for match scoring. This system, inspired by the Elo counting system, was initially developed for Drupal 7 . However, with the end of support for this version of Drupal, the association felt the urgent need to migrate to Drupal 9 for reasons of security, performance and sustainability. It is with this in mind that they contacted us.

Challenges Encountered When Migrating From Elo Module to Drupal 9

Migrating the Elo System from version 7 to version 9 presented a real challenge. In fact, Drupal had to completely change its infrastructure to make it more user-friendly. Below are some challenges.


Drupal 9 has undergone significant structural changes compared to Drupal 7. It was imperative to ensure that all the features of the ELO module were correctly adapted and functional in this new environment. For the project, we should develop everything from scratch while maintaining the initial principle.

Data retention

A successful migration requires ensuring that all previously stored data remains intact and accessible. It is important to understand that the database of Drupal 9 and above has some changes compared to version 7.


In order to take advantage of Drupal’s new features, we had to modernize the module according to current standards.

Testing and optimization

We should ensure that the rewritten module provides the same, if not better, performance than the previous version.


To succeed in the project, we worked in collaboration with a member of the board of directors of Tennis Terrebonne. Furthermore, we should plan tasks together, set deadlines and make sure to report back to the board of directors.

Analysis and planning

We started with a detailed analysis of the existing module. Indeed, we should understand its functionality, structure and dependencies. This was followed by strategic planning for migration.


In addition, we rewrote to be compatible with Drupal 9. Our team was reassured to respect Drupal development best practices and thanks to the new APIs available.

Data migration

A data migration plan was put in place to ensure that all data from the old system would be transferred correctly to the new module, without any loss. We have also developed codes to easily import data.


Once we finished development, we carried out extensive testing to ensure the quality of the module. This included functional testing, UI testing, and performance testing.


After validation, the ELO module rewritten for Drupal 9 was deployed on the Tennis Terrebonne site.


With this successful migration, Tennis Terrebonne now has a robust, secure and optimized ELO module for Drupal 9. They can continue to manage match scoring with confidence, knowing that their system is up to date and supported by a modern platform. The transition went smoothly, guaranteeing the association continuity in its operations and in the offering of its services to the community of tennis enthusiasts.

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