Do you intend to design your e-commerce platform? Magento may be the solution. We provide you with a comparison of Magento and some advantages you might have from using it.

A revolutionary solution for online commerce

Magento is widely used software for designing e-commerce platforms. Several companies use it for its flexibility and security. Indeed, several large companies trust Magento for the management of their website.

Why choose such software?

It offers several advantages among which:

A large community of developers

This software has a large community of developers who work daily for its improvement and maintenance. For this purpose, you do not have to worry about the problems related to the management of your site.

A fairly advanced security aspect

The platform is secure enough for the management of e-commerce. Indeed, the solution offers several means of improving the security of its site. On the other hand, you have access to an interface to reassure you that your site is completely secure.

Several ready-to-use features

As part of the management of your website, you can easily find modules that can allow you to integrate more functionalities on your website. Through the Magento MarketPlace interface, you have access to several Modules.

Some features of Magento

Ecommerce platform design software offers several features. Below are just a few:

The page builder

Thanks to the page builder, you can design your page as quickly as possible. Indeed, since Magento 2, you have the possibility to configure the visual of your site without needing backend programming skills.

100% open-source

As a business owner, you have 100% access to all features of your site. Indeed, Magento is free software which gives you the possibility to personalize your site as you wish.

Integrated ordering process

The ordering process is available in the basic version of the software. For this purpose, you do not need to worry about its integration.

Management panels for site managers and clients

With the platform Magento , you have access to a simple and easy to understand management panel.

Some disadvantages of Magento

Magento has a few drawbacks to know:

The solution is not always easy for non-developers

Magento does not offer great flexibility when it comes to managing the site. Indeed, unlike other CMS, you very often have to work with developers to add functionality.

The cost of development

Although Magento offers several out-of-the-box features, you still won’t find it for free. Indeed, several extensions are expensive.

Technical support is not efficient enough

Unless you are working with a developer or the paid version of Magento, you will hardly have access to Magento technical support for any questions.

Interest in Magento is quite decreasing, which affects the answer to questions

With the arrival of several much simpler tools, developers and companies are increasingly losing interest in Magento. As a consequence, we find less and less the solution to certain problem.

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