Do you need a fast and efficient web application, Laravel may be the right solution for you.


About the software

Laravel is a PHP framework considered one of the most popular PHP frameworks used to design websites or web applications.

Why use such a solution?

It has several advantages. To know:

A fairly clear and simple code

Laravel provides you with simple source code making it easy to understand whether you are new to web programming or not.

Excellent documentation

Very appropriate, detailed and well-formulated documentation.

Development is rapid

Thanks to its rapid integrations and simplicity, the development cycle is completely reduced, thus accelerating your applications’ time to market.

Some features of Laravel

An advanced routing system

It uses the routing system of the even more extended Symfony framework.

A powerful SQL query builder and ORM

Laravel provides a simple and, above all, easy to understand SQL query generator and ORM (Object Relational Model) even for beginners.

An efficient model engine

Its own model system is called “blade,” which provides clean views making the code easily maintainable.

Some disadvantages of Laravel

Although this framework is effective, it has several drawbacks.

The installation of updates to new versions is not continuous.

On Laravel, if you try to update your application, for example, from version 5 to version 6, you will harm the application due to incompatibility concerns.

Not rich enough to provide a mobile app experience

The pages are heavy enough to be supported on mobile as these require fast loading.

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