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Is it still useful to create a website in this age of social media?

Is it still useful to create a website in this age of social media?
In an age where Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms dominate the Internet, a question naturally arises: is it still necessary to create a website for your brand or business? Finally, with billions of active users, social media offers incomparable visibility. Here's why a website is always relevant and, in fact, essential.

1. Total Control

Social media is subject to frequent changes in terms of algorithm, policy and functionality. When you rely solely on these platforms, you are at the mercy of their decisions. On the other hand, on your website, you have total control. You decide the design, content, how you engage your visitors and more.

2. Credibility and Professionalism

Having a website gives a certain credibility. This is often the first place potential customers will check the legitimacy of your business. A well-designed and informative site builds visitor confidence, while an exclusive social media presence can sometimes suggest amateurism.

3. SEO Optimization (SEO)

Social media can drive traffic, but SEO is still a major source of organic visits. A well-optimized site can appear in the top results of Google, attracting visitors who are specifically looking for your services or products.

4. Personalization of the Customer Experience

With a website, you can offer a unique user experience, tailored to your audience. This can include blogs, videos, e-books, contact forms, etc. Additionally, using web analytics allows you to understand the behavior of your visitors and adapt your content accordingly.

5. Extended Features

While social media limits interactions to posts, comments and messages, a website offers a multitude of possibilities. You can integrate an online store, forums, customer review sections, members areas, and much more.

Synergy Website — Social Media

As mentioned previously, the ideal is not to choose between a website and social media, but rather to use them in synergy. Social media is great for engaging your audience, sharing news, and building community. Your website, for its part, is your base, your anchor point in the digital world. In conclusion, in the age of social media, having a website is not obsolete. It is, on the contrary, an essential complement to establishing a robust and lasting digital presence. You can subscribe to our YouTube page by clicking on the link .