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The quality of the web content on your site can make a difference in this time of COVID-19. Indeed, many customers are used to visiting their suppliers before purchasing and are more or less forced to trust what you offer online. To this end, if you are not convincing, you will risk suffering. In this article, we’ll see how you can improve your content in today’s environment. We will first see how your content can help. Next, we will discuss the different approaches for quality content.

The place of the web content of your site in your internet presence

There is a popular adage that “on the web, content is king”. This adage is based on the fact that many search engines or social media are successful because of the content we produce. That said, as a business, your content plays an important role in your online presence. We will see together the benefits of web content and its place in the growth of your business

Reducing your workload.

A website with enough content can considerably reduce the time spent explaining the products offered. This is because customers will only contacts/s/ you for additional information, reducing the time you spend explaining. On the other hand, you can use the content of your site to:

  • talk more about your activities
  • Automate appointment scheduling
  • Filter product selection

Increasing your natural visibility

Search engines use robots to spy on the web for quality content. Once it’s done, they suggest them or surf the web based on relevance and credibility. That said, for a business that would like to reduce its marketing budget, writing quality content is proving to be the ideal way. The basic principle for great content is to be better than the competition.

Have quality visibility

One of the biggest advantages of quality content is that those who come to your site are largely looking for your services. Indeed, search engines will only offer your site to visitors if it has relevant content relating to the keyword sought. With this setting you will have a much better chance of having more customers.

Be the reference leader on a subject

By producing quality content for your site, many people will refer to your site for information research. This will therefore make you a leader in your industry.

Why improve its content during this period?

It is evident that content plays an important role throughout the life of our business. However, he is not unaware that COVID-19 has caused several businesses to close doors or work in the house. This is without citing social distancing which no longer favors physical encounters. It just means that as a business owner you need to develop mechanisms to keep your business going. Content on your website is a great way. Here are 4 great reasons to improve your content during this time:

  • Offer your services while respecting social distancing. By adjusting your content, you limit the possibility of meeting your customers.
  • Reduce hours on the phone. It is not always easy to spend hours on the phone explaining our services. If you improve your content, you might, for example, reduce the number of hours spent answering customer calls.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition. Many of your competitors may not have the presence of mind to improve their content. Thus, by taking the lead, you will gain in the medium term in natural visibility.
  • Maintain your activities. One of the sad consequences of COVID-19 is that several businesses will be forced to close their doors. To this end, improving your content and your site would allow you to partially keep your business.

How to improve its content?

You certainly know your business better than anyone. We will therefore not be able to tell you what to write. However. We can share with you some basic rules for great content.

The choice of keywords

Keywords are of utmost importance in writing content. Indeed, the terminology that you choose can vary according to several parameters and thus affect your rate of appearance in the results of the search engines. For example, if you are a restaurateur offering potatoes (according to your terminology), many people may know this meal as potato. In this case, used potatoes would have less results than potatoes. For keyword research, you can use platforms such as Google, Google Trends , Quora and Yahoo.

The number of words in your article or page

It is recommended to have a page with a minimum content of 300 words. Search engines will also favor your content based on its quantity.

Internal links

An external link is a link on the page that points to another page on your website. Search engines use external links as a ranking criterion.

External links

An external link is a link that you use on your site that points to an external site. It is also a parameter used by search engines.


The quality of your web content on your site is essential for better positioning on search engines. Adopting a strategy to improve your content especially during this period will have rather positive impacts.

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