Importance of Drupal for website design.

Do you want to create a website with Drupal CMS? You probably know that Drupal is one of the most used CMS by large structures these days. This software is a plus for the structures that use it. But to be able to take advantage of this software requires good knowledge of the tool. Therefore, we advise you to seek a specialist to assist you in the installation and use of this Drupal. Contact Us

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What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on the scripting language PHP. This software makes it possible to publish, manage and organize the contents of a website, and makes it possible to manage the organization and access rights of a community of users.

How it works

Drupal is software totally programmed in PHP. It is made up of very light gravitating modules, and each of these modules is, in a way, a library of functions that enriches the application and increases its possibilities. Besides, these modules interact with each other. However, it is very complex, so Drupal often offers one or more solutions to solve the same problem. On the other hand, sometimes the hardest part is to find “the” module that will best meet your needs.

Another point that distinguishes Drupal from other CMS is that the site and its administration interface are linked: administrators edit their content in the same graphic context or almost as visitors. Like all CMS, a Drupal site’s visual is based on a specific content model that allows information to be structured.

Benefits of using Drupal for your business/site?

Drupal is very popular and has an awe-inspiring community. It is a widely used software, and you would have the option of having one of its users assist you if you have any problem.

Among others, Drupal has a wide variety of modules to satisfy its users. For example, version 7 of Drupal has at least 7200 modules. In addition to Drupal, you can customize these templates according to your needs.

Besides, this software has very high security. His team takes care of security and its modules by constantly checking its system to find any bugs. If a bug is found, the team is reassured to publish the corrections directly to the system to make use easy. They send out notifications to notify customers about new updates available.

The big plus of Drupal is that it allows creating complex sites without having to recreate the basic functionalities with each new project. This allows you to focus on other essential elements such as ergonomics, design and SEO.

Besides, Drupal is a multilingual software. As a result, it offers several installation languages to its users. Each user can choose his language for the administration interface. Too, it offers full translations with the possibility of managing them as sub-domains or as sub-folders.

Besides, Drupal is an open-source site. Therefore, you can modify and change it at any time, with ease and complete freedom.

Finally, with this software, you can easily create an e-commerce site according to your needs and expectations. The advantage is that you can easily stand out from all other competitions using the different modules.

How to create a site with Drupal

We offer you these steps to organize all of Drupal’s features step by step. This is what we are doing here:

– The first step is to identify the module (s) that best meet your needs by testing them intensively;

– Then, configure the site and the chosen module (s);

– Choose the style of mock-up or image you want to see on your interface

– The next step is to choose the types of content.

– Then, generate the different covers of this content, thanks to the essential views’ module;

– After the view step, it is necessary to organize them. This allows you to set up the elements of the main navigation on most sites organized according to a tree structure “home – section – content” (or “home – category – product” if you are in a more commercial perspective).

– Besides, you must do the layout of your site.

– To continue, integrate the graphics. After completing the layout, it is time to refine with CSS and, if necessary, to modify some templates to Drupal possibly.

– Finally, configure the other features & specific software development.


Ultimately, Drupal will be of great use to you if you want to create and manage a professional quality website, very personalized or with complex, community-based and very dynamic mechanisms.

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