How to translate a WordPress plugin

Translating plugins on WordPress

Do you want to translate a WordPress plugin? If you have an extension with a default language, it is possible to translate if the extension designer has taken this into account. To do this translation, you must first check if the extension gives the possibility of doing a translation. If the extension does not allow you to do this, you can still use Loco Translate. In this article, you will see how to use Loco Translate to translate an extension into the desired language. Here are the steps to take so.

Video content explaining how to translate a WordPress plugin with Loco Translate

The Loco Translate extension

Probably many people don’t know about this extension, Loco Translate. Before going into the translation steps, it is important to have an idea. Loco Translate is a free and very efficient plugin to easily translate your WordPress theme without getting your hands on the code!

Steps to translate a WordPress plugin with Loco Translate

Step 1: Go to the Loco Translate extension

To start, you need to find the Loco Translate plugin. To do so, once on the site, go to the Extension “And click on” Add. “ Then you will have to search for the plugin Loco Translate »In the search bar at the top right.

How to translate a WordPress plugin

Step 2: install the Loco Translate plugin.

After downloading the plugin, click on install “And then on” activate To start it. Once the extension is activated, it creates a menu item titled “ Loco Translate » in WordPress’s left menu. At this point, click on this tab and then on the plugins.

By clicking on the plugin tab, you will see all the extensions installed on your site.

Loco Translate

Step 3: select a plugin to translate

At this step, you need to choose which extension to translate. For example, if you want to translate an extension, click on that extension. Some extensions already have which languages available, but if you want to add another language, click on Add a new language. 

In this tab, select the language you want to use to translate the extension. To continue, choose what you want the PO file of your translation to be.

Advice: Save the translation file in the system to always have the possibility of recovering your data because if you delete the Loco file, you will lose all your data.

Loco Translate

Step 4: Translate with the Loco Translate extension.

After installing and selecting the plugin, you can then perform the translation. If you want to translate your text into French, click on the “ French. “ You will see that there are three fields.

  • The source word
  • The word in English “(this corresponds to the original language of the extension)
  • Translation into the desired language

The operation is effortless to translate a WordPress plugin. Select a sentence at the top by clicking on it; then, you write the French translation (for example) in the field “ French (France) translation. “ Some character strings may contain special signs, for example, an arrow. Be sure to recopy them in your translation to keep the same display as in English.

Once you have done the translation, click on Save to save your translation.

When you translate and click save, you will find that the extension has been translated based on the text you wrote.

However, you can also decide not to translate your entire topic, but only a few of the phrases you “stumble upon” while visiting your blog. To achieve this, you can search for this phrase with Loco Translate to translate only these parts.

translate with Loco TRANSLATE


We have a video that can see help to see better how these steps unfold. So, you can watch the video directly on our YouTube page.

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