How to integrate the Mailchimp api on your website

Comment intégrer le Mailchimp api sur son site web

Want to know how to integrate Mailchimp api on your website?  Mailchimp is a solution to send newsletters to customers. It is very popular throughout the world. Indeed, Mailchimp is one of the leaders in the world of email marketing. Its platform has the particularity of allowing companies to configure various campaigns. If you don’t have any computer skills, integrating Mailchimp to your site seems complicated. In this article, we look at the different approaches suggested to connect your site to your account. We will then focus on the integration of the Mailchimp api and finally, we will see some advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches.

How to create a Mailchimp account?

Before integrating Mailchimp api on your website, you must obviously have a Mailchimp account. Here we look at how to proceed to create your account.


  • Visit the website
  • Click on the Free Registration button.
  • Next, you will see a registration form where you must enter your email address, username and password.

After registration, you will receive an email asking you to activate your account.  When you click on the activation link, you will be redirected to the package selection page. You will see five suggestions including a free map. You can select the plan that fits your business objectives. If your initial goal is to try email marketing, we recommend the free plan. This allows you to better understand the tool and make your assessment.

Once you have chosen your plan, simply follow the steps on the screen to complete your profile. You will answer a series of questions (optional). Therefore, you can skip the steps.

How to integrate the Mailchimp api on your website?

The Mailchimp platform works in collaboration with web design platforms and online solutions to facilitate integration. Indeed, once you have completed with the creation of your account, you will see that the solution is easily integrated into several tools. Therefore, you can speed up the integration process by choosing one of the suppliers. If however your web software does not have a Mailchimp provider, you can opt for manual integration which can be relatively easy (if you have the necessary skills).

How to integrate mailchimp

Integrate Mailchimp with platforms providing the solution

To integrate Mailchimp api on your website with one of the partner platforms, you just need to click on the platform icon. Mailchimp will give you instructions to follow. You will have more options by clicking on the “all integrations” button at the bottom of your home page.

As an example, to integrate WooCommerce with Mailchimp, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Download Mailchimp extension for WooCommerce
  2. Install and activate the extension
  3. Connect the extension with your Mailchimp APIs
  4. Make the initial configuration to synchronize your online store with your account.

Detailed instructions will be found in your account after creation. You should also rely on WooCommerce server recommendations (if you are using WooCommerce for example).

Manual integration of Mailchimp to its website.

Mailchimp offers two main options for you to manually integrate your website with your account. Below are these options:

  • Hosted form
  • The API key (API form)

Hosted form

With Mailchimp’s hosted form, you can set up forms and add them to your site. In this case, the fields and the customization of your form must be done in your Mailchimp account.

This approach is the easiest and fastest and does not require any technical skills. Indeed, the integrated form is a form in the form of an iframe that you create and paste in a location of your website (the place where you want to see the form).

How does it work?

The way Mailchimp’s hosted form works is as follows:

  • You configure the form from the list of your companion
  • Then, you generate codes
  • You place these codes in your website to finally see it appear.

With such a form, when users will subscribe to your newsletters, Mailchimp will take care of sending confirmations and adding to the list.

The API key (API form)

This one allows you to create your own form and then you can use your API key and list ID to synchronize.

With this approach, you have more flexibility as a developer and your form fields are managed on your site.

The Extensions

An Extension is a code that helps you improve the functionality of your website. If you are on platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla …, you can find an extension that allows you to connect with Mailchimp. The Mailchimp company might have an official extension for your solution. The way the Mailchimp api is used or integrated with an extension may vary from one extension to another. You can refer to the documentation for more details.

Most of the time, adding Mailchimp to your site via an extension is as simple as :

  • Install the extension on your site,
  • Connect to account and retrieve Mailchimp API and table key
  • Add the above information in the corresponding fields in the management panel of his site.

No matter which solution you use, we can assist you with the integration. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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