How to install a local XAMPP server on a Windows operating system

Using a local server

In this part, we will see how to install a local server on your computer in order to create a website. Obviously, this approach will be limited to development without the possibility of hosting. If at the end of your development process you want to deploy to a web server, you could simply make a copy of your site. Also note that the local server is used by several companies for development and pre-deployment testing.

Installing a local server

A local server is software that you can install on your computer to be able to run programming languages. There are several types of local server. The choice of one or the other depends on your programming language. It may also depend on the software you want to use and your operating system. XAMPP, LAMP, WAMP are some examples of local servers. For the purpose of this article, we will be using XAMPP. We will choose XAMPP particularly for its ease of use and its compatibility with several operating systems.

XAMPP is software that allows you to create a local server on your computer. Indeed, to create any dynamic website, you need a place to store your data. The server is therefore a physical or virtual computer that you can use for this purpose. In today’s video we are going to see how to install a local server on a Windows computer. Please note that there are several types of local servers among which XAMPP WAMP, LAMP … The choice of one or the other depends on your operating system, your preferences. Below is the procedure for downloading and installing XAMPP.

installing XAMPP

Apache Friends XAMPP

Visit the website Apache friends

On the Apache Friends website, you will see several icons such as XAMPP for Windows, XAMPP for Linux … Click on the version that matches your operating system. For the purpose of this video, we are going to install it on Windows. For this purpose, the version to download is XAMPP for Windows. Once you have downloaded XAMPP, click on the Executable file to start the installation.


Installing XAMPP

Click on the executable file and in addition follow the steps to complete the installation.


Server activation

XAMPP offers the possibility of using several types of programs on your computer. You can for example install the programs supported by PHP and JAVA. You will remake several buttons on your right which will allow you to activate the servers and functionalities.

  • If you intend to use XAMP to run PHP programs only, Apache server is sufficient
  • You can activate the MySQL server if you plan to use the databases
  • Filezilla – allows you to use the data transfer protocol

Visit the link http: // localhost

Once the server is activated, you can visit the link http: // localhost on any browser. You are going to be able to access the server.

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