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How to improve the performance of your WordPress site?

In this article, we explain how to can increase the performance of your website with thesesteps: –

  • Use WordPress plugins
  • Optimize WordPress site pages
  • Validate the HTML syntax of the website
  • Opt for an SEO analysis

if you want more tips or advice, check out our site, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Having a site is great, but having a buggy site is the worst thing. The better your site is performing the more you have the chance to improve the user experience, and increase the conversion rate and this will help you improve the SEO and the performance of your WordPress site.

If you’ve ever had to use WordPress, chances are you’ve found it easy to install and use in managing your website. But, most people who use WordPress often experience issues with site performance.

Today in this article we are going to offer you some elements or tools that you can use to be able to improve the performance of the WordPress website and increase the conversion rate of your site.

1.Use WordPress plugins

WordPress has some great plugins that you can use to improve the performance of your website. It should be noted that there are paid and free extensions. You can, for example, opt for extensions like:

Smush: This extension allows you to optimize the quality of the images on your website.

LiteSpeed hides: Allows you to compress all CSS and JavaScript files, and optimize the rendering of your site as well.

WP Super Cache: At some level of WordPress usage, the site can become very slow for users. For this purpose, it is preferable to cache the content of the site. WP Super Cache creates static versions of your site that are served instead of dynamic content.

CDN Sync Tool: This extension allows you to synchronize the static files on the CND of your.

Don’t limit yourself to just the two examples mentioned here. There are several extensions and each extension has its role on a site. You can therefore go to the official WordPress page to choose what corresponds to the objectives of your website.

2.Optimize WordPress site pages

To improve the performance of your site, it is important not to overload the extensions on your site. If you have multiple extensions on the site, it is best to select the ones that are useful to you and delete the rest that do not. Because these extensions that are useless to you can have an impact on the performance of the site.

Also, to optimize the pages of the site, it is necessary to cache the pages to improve their display time. This will allow you to improve the performance of the site.

Some tips to optimize the pages of a WordPress site?

1.Activate PHP7 on your server

PHP7 is the programming language widely used on WordPress sites. This language is updated very regularly. It improves the performance, security, and functionality of the language. If your WordPress site uses PHP7, it will be able to load twice as fast.

2.Cache on your site

The cache is an element of your site that allows you to save the data necessary for consulting a website, in the form of temporary files. So, a visitor who comes to your site regularly will always have a site that loads very quickly thanks to the caching mechanisms.

Compress images: To make your site attractive, you always tend to choose good quality images which can be very heavy for the site and consequently it can affect the loading time of your pages. To resolve this problem, you can either compress the image or reduce the dimensions of the image.

Manage extensions on your site: Some problems with your pages can be caused by the extensions installed on your site. Make sure to install just the extensions you use to avoid having too many extensions on your site.

3.Validate the HTML syntax of the website

Sometimes the codes that are not updated eventually cause a decrease in the performance of the site. So, by validating these codes, you will have a fairly precise idea of what should be removed or improved on the website.

You need to check the correct HTML tags to avoid many display bugs that may degrade the user experience.

The only reliable tool for checking the syntax of your HTML code is the W3C validation service.

4.opt for an SEO analysis

To improve the performance of the WordPress site, it is recommended to use a tool that will allow you to know why your site is not appearing on search engines. This analysis is better known as SEO analysis. It gives you a general idea of the state of your website and lets you show in detail all the aspects that you need to improve or fix.

The best SEO analysis tools

Google Search Console






Finally, remember that if you opt for the WordPress solution, you must take the time to apply these few tips to generate more traffic on the site. A successful site is a site that has a good loading speed which is 2 seconds.

However, if you want more tips or advice, check out our site. For you who are looking for the best developers to assist you, do not hesitate to contacts us.

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