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How to implement communication tools that promote your international presence?

How to implement communication tools that promote your international presence?
Do you want to have an international presence? You must consider implementing effective communications tools. Last summer, while traveling in England, I noticed that I could not contact local businesses. Indeed, as I was using my Canadian telephone number, making calls could be very expensive. However, companies that had a live chat system made it easier for me. This experience made me understand that although having a website accessible everywhere, a customer may not find the benefit of contacting us. This is simply because he would have to pay to contact us. In this article, I share with you a strategy for implementing communication tools favorable to international presence. How to implement communication tools that promote your international presence?

Why develop an international presence?

You are a business based in Canada or another country, there may be several advantages to targeting customers outside your country. Some advantages that I could cite: 1- Increase your turnover. Targeting local customers can be good; however, internationally you can generate more profit. 2- Market diversification. By targeting international customers, you reduce your dependence on a single market. This can be especially beneficial during times of economic crisis or changing trends in your home country. 3- Strengthening the brand. An international presence can improve your brand awareness and reputation. Being accessible to a global customer base can mean your business is seen as a major player in its sector. Analyzing marketing tools

How to set up communication tools for an international presence?

A. Use live chat systems.

As previously mentioned, live chat systems can be a very effective way to communicate with international customers without saddling them with international calling costs. Below are some examples that may help you:
  • Facebook Chat . Facebook has a fairly considerable number of users. Therefore, there is a good chance that your customers are on Facebook. So, adding Facebook chat to your website can allow your customers to reach you from any location in the world.
  • WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also an increasingly popular communication option. You can either add it to your website to start the conversation or indicate to use WhatsApp.

B. Social networks and digital platforms.

Presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can help reach customers in different countries. These platforms also offer advertising tools to target specific audiences on a global scale.

C. Multilingual website.

Having your website available in multiple languages is crucial. This shows that you care about making your content accessible to an international audience.

D. International telephone systems.

Investing in international phone numbers or VoIP systems can reduce the cost of calls for your overseas customers.

E. Use of international email marketing.

Email marketing can be tailored to different regions and cultures, making it possible to communicate effectively with a diverse customer base.


Expanding internationally is a major step for any business. By implementing appropriate communication tools, you can not only reach, but better serve your international clientele. This requires strategic planning and an understanding of the needs and preferences of different markets. With the right tools, your business can thrive on the international stage. If you would like support in implementing communication solutions, contact us . We can help you set up live chat tools such as HubSpot , Facebook chat, etc.

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