If you are interested in blogging or want to get into writing, you must be wondering how to make money from your website. This article examines how many blog enthusiasts manage to make money from their passion. It can indeed be very lucrative if you are strategic and persistent. But, it would help if you kept in mind that starting to write the blog does not make money in the short term. First, we will see the strategy that you must apply. Next, we will talk about some monetization platforms that can help you.

Develop a strategy to better launch in the market

How to make money from your website (blog)? Naturally, we all have a passion or a subject that we would like to discuss. If you want to assume that your topics of discussion are what you like, you need to take the time to ask yourself questions. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are the people likely to be interested in my articles?
  • Is this subject easily monetizable?
  • How many people could be captivated?
  • Where would I find my audience?
  • What monetization platforms can I use?
  • How does she pay bloggers?

He may have a thousand and one questions that you potentially organize to reassure yourself that you are not venturing into the void. All the topics you cover will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals. But, the speed at which you will achieve your goals depends on your strategy. For example, a joke blog would potentially attract more jokers and generate less revenue. However, a business blog may have fewer visitors and more revenue. How to generate money through your website (blog)?

Who are the people likely to be interested in my articles?

You can find people who are likely to read your article in several ways.

  • On social networks: You can, for example, undertake, create a page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote your content.
  • Search Engines: When writing your articles, you need to consider search engine indexing. To that end, ensuring you meet a particular set of standards can help your visibility. You can, for example, optimize your website for search engines. If you want a quick summary of your blog website's SEO, visit our SEO Analyzer .
  • Your acquaintances and connections: your acquaintances can be your target.

Generally, evaluating the content according to your context is essential to have a wide audience.

Is this subject easily monetizable?

Additionally, you need to identify a few platforms and companies to see if the topics you want to cover are monetizable. You should also compare with some competitors or websites. You should also read the terms and conditions of sites you want to use.

Note: Blogging alone does not generate money.

Many uninformed people tend to think that having a blog makes money. Your blog will only help you make money if you monetize it. In other words, you work with companies to promote their products through your articles or with monetization platforms. companies

A small illustration to better explain

We will make an illustration of the payment method with the two most popular approaches

Example of income with a direct company

For example, if you have a blog that talks about new clothing releases around the world. Each week you share topics such as comparing brands and the impact of clothing on young people. So after specific periods, if you have a recurring audience, you can approach fashion companies and offer them to talk about their companies in your articles. Listing a business in your blog posts will earn that business revenue. In return, it may agree with you to pay you a percentage or a fixed amount for each customer found via your website.

Example of revenue with monetization platforms

Many marketing companies have access to a long list of companies. We can cite Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and CJ Commission as examples. The mode of remuneration is somewhat similar to those of the companies that you will find directly. The only difference is that the marketing companies have added relatively easy-to-understand software. If you work with Google through Google AdSense, you will receive advertising on your website, usually based on your content type. For each reader click, Google may pay you a certain amount.

Some monetization platforms

There are thousands of solutions that I recommend using to generate money. However, we will focus on the best ones.

google adsense

google adsense Google AdSense is a solution offered by Google to allow bloggers to generate income. In return, Google sends advertising to your website. Google offers you a calculator to calculate how much you could earn based on the number of visitors. If you are a blogger, you explore the website and its terms to see if it matches what you have.


You can also generate money with money with Facebook. Right now, Facebook's monetization plan is focused primarily on videos. If you offer videos in the same way, you are using Facebook to earn extra income.

Generate money with Amazon

Amazon Amazon also offers the possibility of generating money from your blog. Unlike other solutions, you have to take the physical products and add them to your website.

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