How to fix spam issues on your website? [video]

Are you having trouble dealing with spam problem on your website? In this article, accompanied by a video, we will see how to fix this problem. We will briefly see how spam works. Then we will talk about the tips you have available.

The different sources of spam problems

There are different types of spam email sources that may prevent your website from functioning normally. Indeed, the direct impact of unwanted emails is to weaken your email system. Most of the time, service providers trust you less and less. As a consequence, when you send a message, it is redirected to the junk mailbox. Here are some sources of spam:

  1. Forms on your website. In this case, the companies/developers send messages from an auto-execute code.
  2. You display the email address on your site. Spam people recover to send automated emails.

Spam for Junk Email

If you receive spam e-mails through your website, this may mean that your website is not protected against spam. Spam. Spam is spam that is generally irrelevant.

For example, when on your website, you do an article on one topic and someone comments on another topic. His comment is considered spam.

How spam works for unwanted emails

In most cases, spammers scan sites for unsafe forms. These types of forms are considered to be security holes in websites. As soon as they find loopholes, they send out mass emails using codes that they automatically execute.

The codes that spammers use to send mass emails will, in turn, generate errors in your lines of code.

How to Fix the Spam Problem (Junk Email)

Any good website should be protected from spam emails and not leave security holes in its codes during development. To fix the spam problem, you need to install anti-spam on your website.

Anti-spam emails are commonly referred to as CAPTCHA. Indeed, there are several types of anti-spam, and we will explore just a few examples in the context of this article:

Captchas with distorted words

The visitor who comes to your website must guess the texts to be able to send the message. Thus, this would also protect you against robotic visitors.

Captchas with Photos to identify

These types of captchas are prevalent on many websites. Thus, it will be necessary to click on the images corresponding to the questions asked. Indeed, when the selected images do not match the questions asked, another series of different images appear.

Besides, the questions asked are usually different to ensure that it is someone and not a robot browsing the website.

Captchas with math problems to solve the spam problem

It is simply a simple arithmetic equation to solve. However, it should be noted that these types of captchas are not used very often on websites. However, they are just as effective as the other types of captchas we have mentioned above.


In conclusion, any captcha’s purpose is to block the sending of the email if the visitor turns out to be a robot. Captchas can prevent spammers from sending unwanted emails and injecting codes into a website.

The installation depends on the solution you are using or the type of website you have. If you want to know which captcha to choose for your web platform and how to install it, leave your comment at the bottom of this video, and it would be a pleasure to assist you.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Have a great day.

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