How to create your website for free? 10 of the best online website builders

You certainly want to know how to create a website for free? We look at 10 of the best tools. Then we will see some advantages and disadvantages. The web world has evolved dramatically, and offers many web design options. Indeed, if you have some notion in computer tools without being a developer, you can use online designers. These are tools that allow you to fill out a form, select a design and modify texts. Afterwards, you can publish your website as a subdomain – which is usually free. Providers will give you the option to have a personalized domain name with a low cost subscription.

10 Tools you can use to create your website for free.

There are thousands of website design tools online. Below are some with a free package. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions before signing up.

1 – Wix

Website design with Wix

Wix is an online tool that gives you the possibility to design your website or e-commerce platform. As a special feature, it allows you to create a website in a few hours thanks to its “drag and drop” functionality. So whether you’re a web amateur or an expert, just create your account and get started. We look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Wix.

Wix gives you the possibility to create an account for free. Then you can use your website with their domain name extension if you don’t subscribe to a paid plan.

Benefits of Wix

Wix offers several benefits that are not to be overlooked:

  • You can have a website without spending a single cent. Indeed, the Wix package is 100% free. So you can create your site and publish without having to spend money
  • A “carry and drop” feature. You can create your website in Wix by uploading and dropping the components. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to be a developer to manage your website.
  • Wix offers technical support for all customers with a paid subscription. To this end, if you subscribe to one of the monthly plans, you can contact Wix at any time if you need to.
  • It offers free hosting and technical support. Unlike self-hosted solutions, you don’t have to worry about server security or maintenance. All these aspects are managed by Wix.

Some disadvantages of Wix

The Wix platform has some drawbacks that we will elaborate in the following.

  • Wix is not a very flexible solution. If you are a business or individual who likes to go beyond your limits, you will find that it is impossible to cross certain boundaries with Wix. You have access to a website design interface; however, you cannot customize beyond the proposed features.
  • The platform is not adapted enough for SEO. When it comes to SEO, elements depend, for example, on optimizing the code or improving certain aspects of the site. Since Wix does not give you access to all the codes, you may have difficulty fully optimizing your website.
  • Some versions of Wix do not offer the possibility to have a transactional website. – Unless you subscribe to the Business or E-commerce plans, you cannot sell on your Wix site.
  • The free version of Wix uses the subdomain. In other words, you do not have the option of getting a personalized domain name. As a result, you may have less visibility or not easily develop your brand.

2 – WordPress


WordPress is also a web solution that allows you to create your website for free. WordPress is available in two versions; namely, the “. Com” and the .org version. is the version managed by the company Automattic Inc. and is the free-to-use version of WordPress. Each of these versions has its advantages and disadvantages. To this end, the choice of one or the other depends strongly on your skills, your willingness to manage platforms and most importantly your short/medium/long term goals. In order to allow you to better compare, I will give you the gains and drawbacks of each version.

Advantages and disadvantages of is the platform that is recommended if you don’t want to have to manage updates or server configurations. Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks: Earnings

One of the particularities of is that the technical aspect, security and updates are entirely managed by the provider. In fact, the platform is hosted at Automattic Inc. By subscribing to services, you are subject to their terms and conditions.

Some advantages are:

  • You don’t have to worry about security, updates and technical aspects of your website.
  • helps you with your website problems
  • There is a free version if you are a beginner. To do this, all you have to do is create your account, choose a design and you’re done.
  • You have access to the features of for free

Disadvantages of

One of the biggest problems with the “.com” version of WordPress is flexibility. Here is a list of disadvantages:

  • First of all, the features are limited; unless you subscribe to paid versions
  • Second, for the free and some paid versions, you are required to have the signature at the bottom of your pages.
  • Third, you receive forced ads on your site. In fact, WordPress sends advertisements to its users’ web pages on a recurring basis,
  • Secondly, the free versions of are in the form of subdomains; this is not very professional. If your site name is, for example, tommy, you will have a site link like
  • You are not allowed to monetize your site or blog unless you subscribe to the appropriate version.
  • Unless you have a paid version*, you cannot install your own extensions or themes.
  • You have limited access to the source codes

If you want to know more about the offer; including the prices, I invite you to visit the page

3 – Weebly

Weebly is a platform for creating and managing an online presence. Indeed, it helps to create websites, blogs or online stores. It is equipped with a website creation and web content management software. Its technology is based on the principle of drag and drop, which allows you to customize your site without programming. Weebly offers a free website building tool. This tool allows you to enrich a site by adding objects found elsewhere on the net (photos, videos…) by simple “drag and drop”. However, the website allows its users to use a subdomain name if it is available. In addition, users can purchase a domain name directly or use an existing domain name via a redirection.

The advantages of Weebly

Weebly offers many benefits that should not be overlooked, for example:

  • Site speeds seem fast: Weebly got an A in Bitcatcha’s speed test. This is not surprising when you know that it is intended to host e-Commerce sites.
  • Design flexibility and themes: Weebly has been offering a multitude of templates to its users for a few years now, however, they adjust the availability of these templates quite frequently, this means that the creator is interested in the most minor details of his product.
  • The editor is simple and easy to use
  • Weebly’s mobile application – create and manage from your mobile device: this is a unique application. Nevertheless, the Weebly mobile application is nothing more than what it implies, that is, an application that runs on your mobile device and allows you to edit its site there.
  • The Weebly App Center: different from the Weebly mobile application, the App Center offers you additional options to increase the capabilities of your website. This is something that every site designer should have, this is because it helps to separate the main activity from the extended features.

The disadvantages of Weebly

Weebly does not only have advantages, this platform also has several disadvantages among which:

  • No domain choice for free subscriptions
  • Limited blog creation tools
  • Paid support services
  • Square does not work everywhere

4 – Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder designed to help creative minds and even website owners create amazing sites. With this builder, you don’t need any coding knowledge, the only thing you need is some time. You will also have a beautiful website, complete with features such as integrated payment tools for e-commerce, a personalized domain name as well as SSL certificate protection.

Squarespace can be seen as a feature-rich and even flexible solution for website design, however, when shopping for a product among a large number of competitors like Shopify, Weebly and WordPress, budget is likely to be a crucial consideration. However, the good news is that you can take advantage of a fairly wide range of packages from Squarespace.

The advantages of Squarespace

Squarespace offers a wide range of qualities, including:

  • It has a CMS with beautiful templates available: although the number of templates of the American editor is limited (it offers barely 60 templates), it still allows to make beautiful and visually pleasing sites.
  • A complete and responsive customer support: one of the advantages not to be overlooked is that it offers a very responsive live chat.
  • Improved payment methods: one of the strengths of Squarespace is that it has diversified its payment methods. While the CMS used to only offer Stripe as a payment option, it now allows financial transactions with PayPal and Apple Pay, which is a benefit to your online store and your customers.
  • A perfectly optimized site: it provides you with quite efficient tools that will help you to make your site climb on the first pages of Google.

The disadvantages of Squarespace

Squarespace also has some disadvantages which we will subdivide into two main points:

  • Squarespace is a difficult tool to learn: the main disadvantage of this CMS is the ease of use, we deplore the fact that it is not really easy to learn.
  • A bad quality/price ratio: another disadvantage of Squarespace is the quality/price ratio. If we compare it to the whole of its features, we will not say that it is the cheapest editor.

5 – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an American company founded in 1997 and specialized in the management of domain names on the Internet as well as the provision of web hosting services, this company offers several services and allows among others to :

  • Create a modern and professional website with ease, thanks to the hundreds of specific templates at your disposal, so you won’t need any technical knowledge.
  • Leave nothing to chance with GoDaddy InSight and AI-based guidance tailored to your business.
  • Be visible on the most popular sites for your customers and take advantage of our integrated tools for SEO, social networks and email marketing.
  • Add an online store to sell physical and digital products, manage your inventory and allow your customers to make appointments directly from your site.

The benefits of GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers several benefits, among these specificities, we will mention some:

  • Quick and easy installation to be up and running in less than an hour: speed is what users are looking for, and GoDaddy understands this, as its installation is quick and easy.
  • Very responsive and available 24/7 support: since we obviously hate having to wait more than 15 minutes before being connected to a consultant to chat online, GoDaddy effectively solves this problem, its support becomes very responsive.
  • GoDaddy is compatible with PHP 7.4: This programming language increases performance considerably and therefore affects the speed of loading the site.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee: the host promises that your site will never go down due to server downtime (except for planned maintenance), and if it does, they will refund your money.
  • A free domain, Office 365 email, Webmail and much more

The disadvantages of GoDaddy

GoDaddy does not only have benefits, it also has shortcomings, among these shortcomings we can mention:

  • That it lacks speed boosting capabilities: apart from PHP7.4 compatibility, GoDaddy does not have any software or configurations to increase loading speed.
  • Few truly functional free options
  • The surprises of renewal

6 – create your website for free with Webflow

Webflow is a professional integrated drag and drop tool for best practice web design such as adaptive web sites. The service it provides allows companies and independent professionals to design and publish websites without soliciting programming. Features such as social network plugins, contact forms, or even animated interactions can be created through the web application.

Unlike most website builders, which are basically aimed at allowing non-technical people to publish websites as easily as possible, Webflow is therefore aimed at professional and aspiring designers who want to reduce the cost and time associated with development and technical support.

The benefits of Webflow

Webflow has several benefits, among them are:

  • 100% custom design: Webflow is currently the only CMS on the market to offer true design customization. Indeed, unlike CMS like WordPress or Shopify, Webflow gives our web designers and developers total flexibility on the visual rendering of your site. This allows you to really stand out with a unique result.
  • Secure for you and your visitors: truly, thanks to Webflow, the structure of your site will be clean and stable, and not subject to malicious attacks. Since WordPress is an open source platform, anyone can develop plugins on this platform and offer it to millions of people. These plugins are now at the center of WordPress security flaws, as some malicious developers use them to access and hack into website content.
  • Naturally optimized for SEO: Unlike WordPress, you won’t need to install a plugin on Webflow to get SEO. It is easily done.
  • An ultra easy to use back office: Webflow really makes the difference in its ease of management once your site is delivered. Indeed, thanks to an easy-to-use back-office, Webflow will allow you to modify the content of your site (texts, photos, links, blog posts, products, etc) by yourself. Therefore, you don’t need to ask for a developer’s intervention.
  • Unlimited functionality with Webflow integrations.

The disadvantages of Webflow

Webflow not only has advantages, it also has disadvantages among which:

  • The major drawback here is the complexity of Webflow. The complexity of Webflow is a double-edged sword. This is because it is precisely what makes it stand out among many other website creation tools. At the same time, it is criticized by some experts
  • Another main disadvantage is that Webflow SEO is a bit more difficult to use than other CMS
  • The interface becomes relatively complex, as it becomes very rich from a functional point of view. Webflow is therefore explicitly aimed at “professionals” (web designers, agencies, startups…)

7 – Elementor

Elementor is a free software, under GPL 3 license, available in free version and in Pro mode. It aims to simplify the design and maintenance of WordPress pages to the extreme as a ported and dropped visual process. This is called a page builder.

Elementor can also be seen as a design tool for WordPress that allows you to visually design your website using a simple drag and drop editor. Once you have installed the Elementor plugin, you will be able to design your WordPress pages and blog posts with Elementor instead of the default WordPress editor (sometimes called Gutenberg editor).

The benefits of Elementor

The main benefit of using Elementor is probably its ease of use. Indeed, it allows non-technical people or novices in website creation to create attractive layouts and designs, as well as complex pages such as: forms, animated graphics and video integration.

Other benefits of Elementor are summarized in the following points:

  • Elementor is free
  • This page builder is a huge success
  • Hundreds of add-ons to enrich the page builder
  • Compatible with many WordPress themes
  • It leaves no trace after deactivation
  • Very useful widgets
  • Endless customizations
  • An unprecedented community
  • A theme builder feature
  • Downloadable designs
  • A library of models
  • A review of your actions
  • Easy to handle

The disadvantages of Elementor

Although Elementor has several advantages, it has some disadvantages that should not be overlooked: installing this plug-in makes the page load more heavily and thus causes possible display problems. Indeed, Elementor can have an impact on the speed of your website, making it slower, which can affect your SEO.

Other web design tools

  • Mailchimp
  • site 123
  • website builder


creating a website for free has become quite convenient. You have several web design options at your disposal. However, you should not lose sight of the fact that the purpose of a website is to help you improve your sales. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you need to create a professional website. That’s why working with professionals can be beneficial. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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