How to create a website with WordPress and Elementor (Open-Source version)

How to Create a Website with WordPress and Elementor (Video Content)

In this video, we explain how to install WordPress and configure Elementor to create your website.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress will consist of either going to the website or using the option that your web server offers you.

Install Elementor

In this step, it will be a question of going to the Extension tab of WordPress and searching for Elementor

Follow the steps to configure

Once you activate Elementor, you can follow Elementor’s suggestions for initial setup.

The combination of WordPress and Elementor is great if you want to build a quality website. We see together how to get there.

Website creation with WordPress and Elementor

Create a website became relatively easy. Indeed, there are several online tools that give us the opportunity to install and design a website in a few hours. With these tools, you don’t need to be a web expert. Today, we are looking together at how to use WordPress and Elementor to design a website. We will particularly talk about the Open-Source version of WordPress. If you’re using, the process may be similar. The only difference is that you don’t need to download and install WordPress.

Before starting website design with WordPress and Elementor.

Before embarking on the development of your website, you must have at your disposal the following elements:

  • A web hosting space – The location where you plan to store your data
  • A domain name for your website
  • The design for your website
  • The content

We look together where you can find these elements.

1 – Have a domain name

Your domain name is your address on the net. It is usually a combination of letters and numbers that represent the identity of what you want to offer. Basically, the domain name is in the form of an IP address of the machine you use to store your data. Then, this address is connected to the domains via what is usually called the DNS (Domain Name Server).

Avoir un nom de Domaine

Hosted solutions: when you want to design a website, you often have the option of doing without a domain name. In this case, your content will be stored as a subdomain of a hosted solution. This is the case if you use solutions like, or Hosted solutions sometimes offer you an easy process to purchase and add your domain name.

Self-hosted solution: if you want to be responsible (partially or totally) for the management of your web server, you must buy a domain name to use a website.

2 – Buy data storage space

You must have a place to store your website data. It is usually a physical or virtual location commonly referred to as a web server. The web server is configured to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow the permanent availability of your website.

Hosted solutions: you don’t have to worry about storage space as it is offered by the company that offers the web solution.

Self-hosted solution: several companies offer web server space at different prices. You will easily find a supplier close to your region or country.

A few domain name providers.

You will find several domain name providers on the net. Here are some of the most popular.


GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name providers. It offers several other services such as hosting, mail system or website builder. You will find domain names starting at $0.99 on their site.



JustHost offers domain names and hosting from $5 per month. You can visit their site to see what they offer.



It offers hosting, domain names and website builders. If you want to have a lower cost solution as well as quality support, you can check out what HostPapa has to offer.

Web Hosting Canada (WHC)

It’s a company that offers website hosting, domain names, web marketing… It’s quite popular in Canada.whc

3 – Write content that stands out

To be more successful in writing content, here are some recommendations.

Explicitly define your target

The first thing to do to have quality and unique content, you must define a specific target. Defining the target allows you to get a fairly clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your website. When you define your target, you are now able to better structure your content and your site. This will help you reach your target easily.

There are a few steps to identify your target.

  • Analysis of your offer: know your products first. Identify what needs they can meet, who these professionals or individuals are for.
  • Collect data on your target: it is recommended to have some information about your target, because this information will be used to segment this target.
  • Segment the target: here, you must classify your customers according to socio-demographic characteristics (sex, age, family status), psychological characteristics (lifestyle) and their purchasing behavior.
  • Identify their needs and expectations: this analysis of your target’s needs and expectations will allow you to have lasting conversion results.

Assess the competition

To get a website that stands out, you always have to do a detailed assessment of your competitors. Today, there are more or less 1.88 billion websites online. So, if you create a website like any other, which does not stand out from the others, you will probably waste your time and your money. To assess the competition, it is advisable to do a competitive analysis.

Here are 4 steps to follow to do a competitive analysis

  • Identify your competitors: the first step is to list the direct and indirect competitors.
  • Find out about your main competitors: Here you need to gather information about your competitors. For example, information such as: the products and services, the price, their positioning on the market, etc.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors: there are several tools you can use to highlight their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Draw consequences.

Search the keywords

Always research the keywords you want to use. Thus, you can opt for keywords that are not compatible with what people will search for on the net. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the keywords, to know what type of words the browsers search the most on the NET which relates to your sector of activity. This will allow you to better write your content.

For keyword research tools, here are a few:

  • Keyword Tool : this free tool specialized in the research of long tail keywords.
  • Ubersuggest: is a tool that provides a palette of keywords from one or more terms for free and without any limitation.
  • WordStream: is a keyword research tool.
  • Google Keyword Planner: This is the most famous and widely used keyword planning tool for creating paid SEO campaigns.


Download and Install WordPress

WordPress is available for free on the platform You will also be able to find in the most popular web servers through partner applications.

For installing WordPress in your web server, you can use the software offered by your host (if available) or you can download a copy from the official platform. We will explore both possibilities.

1- Install WordPress using the software available on your server (example — Softaculous)

WordPress et Elementor

Softaculous is a free application on multiple web servers that can allow you to install content managers or frameworks in minutes. The principle is to select the application you want to install, follow the steps and get your tool for creating your website. We look at how you can use Softaculous to build your website with WordPress.

Here are the steps to follow:

At first, locate the software in your server and click to go to the administrator panel. In the Softaculous software panel, you will see several website design applications including WordPress. You need to click on the photo of WordPress. It should be noted that to create your website with WordPress, you must provide a username, password and email address. Then follow the following steps:

  • Click Install.
  • In the first page, give information such as the version you want to install, the Protocol, the domain name and the subfolder.
  • Next, enter your website name and description
  • Thereafter, you will choose a username, password and also enter your email address.
  • The application allows you to choose a theme from the bank of free WordPress themes.
  • Finally, if you use some primary features, you can install the extensions that the software offers.

For the steps, you can watch the video above.

2 – Install WordPress using the classic no-software approach

Another possibility for you to install WordPress is to go to the site and download the software and import it into your server.

To use this approach, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert; but you need to understand how a web server works. Below you will understand a demo explaining how to install WordPress under a cPanel — Linux (CentOS).

Here are the steps to follow:

To download WordPress through, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the website —
  • Download WordPress (see Get WordPress button)
  • Import the software into your server
  • Create the database and a user
  • Give privileges to your user
  • Then open your URL (link to the folder where you put your WordPress files)
  • Follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation.

Installing Elementor Extension

WordPress et Elementor

To install Elementor, you have two options. You can use the website or do it directly from your WordPress website tab. The approach to uploading an extension to WordPress is standard. Indeed, depending on where you find your extension, or the options available to you, you can choose between using FTP or direct import.

Installing Elementor from the link.

The process will consist of downloading the Elementor extension from the official WordPress website. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Visit the website
  • On the menu, you will see the “plugin” tab. Click on this link.
  • In the search bar, search for the Elementor extension.
  • Once you find it, click on the link and then download.

You will get a copy of the extension in .zip version which you can import to your site from the extension tab.

Installing Elementor from your WordPress admin panel

To install a plugin like Elementor from your WordPress admin panel, you need to follow these steps:

Extension installation procedure.

Go to the Extension tab and search for Elementor. Then installed and activated.

Wordpress plugin



  • Then click on the Add button.
  • You will see a space with a bank of extensions.
  • In the search form, search for the extension with the keyword Elementor.

You will see the list of suggestions. However, Elementor will definitely top the list.

Install your Elementor theme

In the theme bank, you can find several free themes designed using Elementor. To find these themes, you can proceed as follows:

  • Click on the Templates tab at the bottom of Elementor,
  • Next, Kit Library
  • you will see a set of designs that you can use for your project.
  • Select the design that suits you

Elementor will offer you a set of steps to finalize the configuration. To not forget anything, this can be practical. Read and click on the options.

WordPress et Elementor

After the installation of the design, the modification of the website will be done on the screen. You will see an “Edit with Elementor” button on each of your pages. It will simply be a question of clicking on this button and then Elementor will redirect you to the modification page. You could therefore click on the texts for photos to make your changes.



Creating a website with WordPress and Elementor is relatively easy. With a little practice, you might not need a developer to help you. However, do not lose your nerve that for a quality website, entrusting your project to experts can have advantages. In case of questions, comments or addition, it would be a pleasure to read you more check one of our projets.


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