How to choose a technology for the design of your website?

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The choice of technologies to use for the design of your website is very important. Indeed, this has an impact on the cost of development and management of the site. In this article, we will talk about the steps to follow to choose the ideal tool for your site. For example, we will see how to evaluate the different tools and what solutions to take according to your objective.

The technologies to use and the purpose of your website

Before embarking on the choice of a tool, you must ask yourself the question of which technologies corresponds to your project. Indeed, there are thousands of technologies around the world. However, each of them is tailored to a specific business objective. On the other hand, if in the business objective, there are also easier tools than others both in terms of development and management of your activities.

Choose a tool adapted to your business objective

In the world of the web, there are mainly two types of website; to know:

  • Websites for companies (Corporation)
  • Transactional platforms (e-commerce)

If you intend to create an online store, the solutions could be different from those of the companies. However, there are solutions that can be used in both cases.

Solutions for companies

There are several technologies for company websites. We will limit ourselves to the most popular solutions in order of use

1- WordPress – 37%

WordPress is the software that powers more than 37% of websites in the world. Indeed, many companies use WordPress because it’s free, flexible and very easy. Whether you have no skills in the web or an expert, you can find your account. If you want to learn more about WordPress, you can check out this page .

Advantages of WordPress


The WordPress CMS on a website is advantageous because it can be customized. It has several designs and features. Some themes already come with their own design. However, you can integrate any design to create a custom theme.

Easy and fast

It is a CMS which is very easy to install. Just download it and open the file to have all these tools.

Effective for SEO

WordPress is effective for the SEO of a site, because it has a layout and a structure that is particularly appreciated by the SERPs. This CMS has some modules that allow it to perform some actions for SEO. For example, optimizing meta titles and meta descriptions and H tag, optimizing texts and images for certain keywords, etc.

Large community

WordPress is a very popular CMS and therefore it has a large community which has a team always available to improve this software, its themes and modules, etc. Which makes all your  questions are answered quickly.

Free and Open Source

Just like other CMS, WordPress is open source software. That is to say, WordPress is a free software and modifiable according to the user and also, it is free. A large number of free plugins and themes are available thanks to the community?



The major drawback of the WordPress software is in terms of its security. The most popular CMS are also the most pirated. For this purpose, avoid installing unofficial plugins on your site, as i can bring danger on your site.

Complex themes to install

Some software themes are often a bit difficult to install. This will then waste your time, because it takes a long time to understand the system.

Less Plugins

Another disadvantage of WordPress is that if you install a large number of plugins, it will slow down the loading speed of your site. In addition, it should be noted that some plugins do not work together and can cause damage to certain elements of your website. For example, you may have errors on your pages, errors on the RSS feed or the XML feed, etc.

2- Joomla – 2.6%

Joomla is also one of the most used tools for designing websites for companies. It is also free and easy to use. In the ranking of CMS, Joomla is in second position. You can learn more via this link .


very powerful CMS

The technologies to be used can also be Joomla because it is one of the most used CMS, in particular because of its management power.

Great community

The software has a very large community of developers, which is an important advantage, because it has a multitude of free and paid modules and extensions.


This CMS is open source which makes it free and open for customization.

Simple and flexible use

This software for e-commerce is put forward to meet your desires and your needs through its simplicity. Among other things, its interface is flexible and supercharged with themes and plugins.

Responsive Templates

Joomla Templates are designed to adapt the display of the site to the medium used (mobile, tablet, PC, iPhone, etc.). In short, regardless of the medium used, they allow you to have good reading and browsing conditions. Moreover, as we know, Joomla offers templates  free for your professional or e-commerce site.


Difficult maintenance

Joomla offers several modules to its users but they are difficult to find and maintain as a whole.

Very complex

This software is not flexible in terms of categories and sections. The articles in this software all fall into one category and one section. Also, some extensions require multiple modifications. This is therefore a waste of time and additional work. Thus, it is therefore necessary to avoid extensions that are difficult to install.


A major drawback of the software is that it does not have a backup tool. If you end up in a mishandling situation, you can lose all your data. For this purpose it is necessary to install a tool which will lose you to safeguard your site and its data automatically.

3- Drupal- 1.7%

Drupal is third in website design tools. One of the particularities of Drupal is security and flexibility.


Great module variety

The technologies to use can be Drupal because it contains a wide variety of modules. It is possible to add many modules on your site depending on the nature of your site. For example, version 7 of Drupal has nearly 7200 modules. This gives users the ability to customize your site to your liking.

open-source CMS

The software is open source. This means that its users can modify it freely and without fear of legality.

Great community

The CMS is recognized for the great responsiveness of its community. The software has a large number of users who help each other. You may have a quick solution to your problem given the large number of users.

A secure CMS

Drupal is reputed to be the most secure CMS. It offers updates regularly for its users.


Possibilities of slowness

Drupal consumes a large capacity of resources and sometimes the installation of modules is not optimized. This can cause the software to be slow. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you must take care of the correct configuration of the CMS.

A higher cost

This CMS requires specific technical skills. So designing your website can take longer and cost you more, especially if you are not an expert in the field.

A heavy consumption of resources

The installation of modules and the technical specificities of Drupal quickly make it a CMS consuming a higher number of resources compared to other CMS. A good configuration can nevertheless limit or even permanently reduce this problem.

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