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A client recently asked us how do you attract partners with a website. This prompted me to write this article to explain some steps of a strategy that can help. Although the big picture attracting partners is similar, you might get more credibility with an online presence. In this article, we will talk about the 5 important elements to attract business partners.

1 – Define your value proposition to attract partners through a website

A partnership is a win-win agreement. In other words, to approach a person, you have to ask yourself what you can offer. Therefore, explicitly defining what your company can offer gives you arguments. What you can offer varies depending on your industry. This may be:

  • Exposure to a target audience
  • access to proprietary data,
  • A beneficial exchange of service for you and your partners.

Surely no one would want to partner with you if there is nothing to be gained. Once you've defined your value proposition, put it in writing for better forms or use.

2 – Identify potential partners;

You must then draw up a list of potential partners. This can be companies, organizations or people who might be interested in collaborating. In your list, don't worry about how to reach them, but more about what type of profile you want to have or not. If you are in the journalism industry, your list may include:

  • Companies in the media sector
  • local businesses
  • community organizations
  • Experts in a complementary sector.

3 – Establish contact;

You will then need to establish contact in order to present your value proposition to them. In the web business, there are several approaches you can use. As an example, you can use:

  • Word of mouth. Encouraged your acquaintances to spread the message
  • Telephone communication. In this case, you find the phone numbers and you call
  • Sending email. You try to reach them by email.
  • Advertise. You can pay for advertising online or in local ad spots.
  • Establish communication with influencers. Influencers can use their network to help you reach your target.

It is important to keep your value proposition and your target in mind when making contact. This will keep you focused on the goal. And, also, it is crucial to personalize the approach for each potential partner according to their needs and interests.

4 – Set up a collaboration;

Once you have found an interested partner, it is important to establish a clear and mutually beneficial collaboration agreement. This may include

  • the definition of the objectives of the collaboration,
  • roles and responsibilities,
  • as well as financial terms.

5 – Maintain regular communication;

For collaboration to work, you need to maintain regular communication with your partners. This may include

  • regular meetings,
  • project progress updates,
  • a report on the results, etc.

By following these steps, you could attract partners for your activities and establish fruitful collaborations that will benefit all parties involved.


Although it is important to define a strategy, you must remain critical of the approach when defining a strategy for finding partners through a website. Indeed, you must adjust your approach according to the results in order to reassure yourself of success. If you liked this post, we invite you to follow us on social media. We are present on Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also contact us to discuss your web project .