how much does a website cost?

Do you want to know how much a website cost? In this article, we’ll take a look at what to consider when evaluating your website’s cost. We will first talk about the time we can spend on your project. Then we will talk about prices.

How much does a website cost in terms of time?

You can’t talk about the cost of a website without talking about time. Indeed, several people will give you prices based on the time they will spend on your project. It is indeed the same way that Prositeweb Inc estimates the time of web projects. Below are some time estimates.

Your website design – About 10 hours of work

If you want to have a personalized design, you can estimate a minimum of ten hours of work. It is certainly true that you can find ready-made designs on the web; however, many designs require extra work.

Development of your website – 40 to 50 hours

To better estimate how much a website costs, you need to factor in the development time. For quality work, you should allow around 40 to 50 hours of work. We estimate this time assuming the developer is competent enough and fast.

Optimization, validation and SEO – 5 to 10 hours of work

At the end of your project, some time is needed to optimize, validate, and SEO your website. These steps are necessary to ensure that your site has a better positioning on Google or Bing.

How much does a website at Prositeweb Inc cost?

Prositeweb offers 3 types of pricing for web projects. To know:

  • Pricing per hour of work. $80 / hour
  • Pricing per project. We make a global estimate and sign an agreement.
  • Pricing per hour bank.

In the first case, we use software to time the number of times, and then we send you the invoice at the end of the project.

With project pricing, the hourly rate is $95 / hour. The amount is higher because we take full responsibility for exceeding the number of working hours.

Pricing per hour bank is a monthly agreement. In the monthly pricing, you pay a bank of hours for your web development project. The base rate is $70 / hour. Thanks to this package, you can, for example, pay less for your long or medium-term projects.


By combining the amount of time versus the average time we can spend on your project, you can budget a minimum of $5,600 to design a quality website. This amount may vary depending on the options you want to have and the complexity of your project.

Want to have a precise estimate of your project? Please leave us a message for a free estimate. You can also consult our pricing policy to learn more about our pricing.

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