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how much does a website cost ? A consideration of the parameters

In this article, we help you understand how much a website costs and consider the parameters we explain :-

  • Domain name
  • The web server (data storage space)
  • The technology you use for your website.
  • Design and functionality conception

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If you have a website or are thinking about having one, you have already asked yourself the question “How much does a website cost? There is definitely no fixed answer to the question. However, in this article we will try to answer it. We will take into consideration what is included in the design of a website and who does it for you. In general, the solution you will choose and the features can also have an impact on the cost. In this article, we will talk about the elements that are usually taken into account when evaluating the cost of a website. Then, we will see how much you could pay depending on who is designing your website. Finally, we will give our opinion on the option we recommend.

Elements to consider when evaluating the cost of a website.

A website is an assembly of several features and tools. To evaluate the cost of a project, taking these tools into consideration can help to better define its strategy. Each company or individual depending on their budget or advisor can opt for one or more tools. Here are some important tools.

Domain name – Between $0.99 and $$$

To design a website, you usually need a domain name. The price is usually standard. You will find, for example, hosting providers that offer it for free the first year.

The domain name you choose can have a pretty big impact on your company’s brand and reputation.  Many providers vary the cost based on popularity. The more popular a domain name is, the more expensive it is.

The web server (data storage space). Between $0 – $600

Regardless of the option you choose for your website, you need storage space for your data. If you opt for a hosted website, the web server will be included in your subscription. The companies offering the possibility to design a website for free offer it to you for free.

The web server is also important in the web design process. Costs vary considerably by provider. Indeed, the providers according to their judgement offer you different functionalities to the hosting. Among these features, we can mention:

  • Security options – What a provider offers you more (than competitors) to ensure the security of your data or your customers.
  • Infrastructure and performance – Many providers will present their infrastructure as a benefit to pay more.
  • The type of web server – A cloud-based web server could be more expensive than a physical server.

The technology you use for your website

Behind a technology, a group of people work to simplify the development process. A less popular web design solution (where developers have less experience) could result in a cost increase. Indeed, if you are working with a very unknown technology with a rather limited documentation, you could be very dependent on your web developer. As a direct consequence, it is complicated to involve different actors in the project.

Another parameter with regard to technology is the structure and expertise required to use it. The design of a website under Magento will always be more expensive than WooCommerce, for example. The cost difference is due to the fact that Magento requires advanced knowledge of web programming compared to WooCommerce.

Design and functionality conception

A design that you take from a marketplace will certainly be less expensive than hiring a graphic designer and design developer. On the other hand, you might find features on the market to speed up the development process.

In general, the choice to go for a design with the participation of a graphic designer/developer or to buy online depends on several parameters: 

  • Your budget – How much do you think you can afford to pay to make a design from scratch?
  • Your corporate identity – Taking an online template doesn’t always make you stand out from the competition. 
  • Performance – An accumulation of features you collect on the net can affect the performance of your website.
  • Your expertise – If you have the skills or the team, this can help speed up the process. 

How much does a website cost for an online store or a showcase? – The type of website. 

If you want to design a blog, you will spend less than what you would pay for a showcase site or online store. Indeed, the type of website could have an impact on the development time and resources. For example, for an online store, you might need to add a payment option or a delivery module. These options are generally not available on storefront sites. 

how much does a website cost if you design it yourself or hire a developer?

The question “how much does a website cost?” depends strongly on who you are talking to. Indeed, depending on experience, location in the world or structure, costs can range from $0 to over $100,000. 

  • In the event that you design your website by yourself, you may not have to pay. Although we will consider that you will invest time which is also money. 
  • If you entrust your project to an acquaintance, you may pay nothing or a symbolic amount. 
  • A web agency will certainly ask you more than a freelancer or an acquaintance. 

You want to design your website by yourself or through a friend? – 0$ à 100$

In case you want to design your website by yourself, the costs can vary between 0$ and 100$. Indeed,

  • If you choose a hosted solution such as Wix or you will only spend your time in development. Note that the free option does not allow you to have a domain name. You must also agree to have the signature of these companies on your web pages. 
  • In the event that you opt for a self-hosted solution, you need to think about purchasing a domain name, storage space and some features. 

Freelancers will charge you between $200 and $5000

If you work with a freelancer to design your website, you will spend less. This is usually due to the fact that a freelancer takes responsibility for almost every aspect of your website. 

  • Help in the design or the choice of the design
  • Assist in the development or integration
  • Integrate the content on the website
  • Validate that everything is well done
  • Publish the website. 

Another reason for the relatively low cost of a freelancer is his/her location. Indeed, a freelancer located in the Philippines or India would charge less than one located in Canada or the USA. 

A web agency will certainly ask you more than a freelancer or an acquaintance. – plan between $6000 and $100,000 (complex project)

The cost of agency development is also a function of the location of the agency. In our case, we will focus on Canada.  Agencies are usually very structured. They have a set of qualified people on their team who are supposed to focus on one aspect of your website. This would explain the higher cost. With an agency. Sometimes you are entitled to a 

  •  Project Manager – A dedicated person who coordinates the progress of your project.
  • back-end or front-end developer – who is in charge of developing your website.
  • graphic designer – who is completely responsible for the visual aspect of your website.
  • Other team members. For example, a content writer, an SEO expert. 

This approach sometimes helps to move the project forward. In addition, you can benefit from a better planned and timely project. 

Conclusion and final analysis

You have asked yourself the question “how much does a website cost?”. We will simply state that it can cost you from $0 as well as $100,000 or more in the short term. In the long run, there is no such thing as a free website. The expertise invested in a web project is quite decisive for the future of your online business. 

A less planned and unstructured website will wear you out in the long or medium term. This will be easily due to the fact that you will continue to invest your time and energy without a real result.  On the other hand, a website that you have taken the time to plan better and put your all into the design will be a revenue generating engine. 

We must certainly not lose sight of the fact that the colossal costs of some agencies is purely marketing. There is no guarantee that a $100,000 website will generate more revenue than a $2,000 website. 

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