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Here's How We Helped a Company Improve Online Sales (Data Analysis).

Here’s How We Helped a Company Improve Online Sales (Data Analysis).
We helped a company improve online sales through a data analysis tool. Indeed, in 2017, one of our customers realized that several potential customers were arriving at payments and not placing orders. We used Lucky Orange to achieve this. In this article, we tell you about our experience.

What was going on with our client's website?

In 2017, a business owner contacted us because he noticed through the Google Analytics report that customers were reaching the checkout page but couldn't complete the order. In addition, again, according to the Google Analytics report, the company had many visitors who went to checkout and converted. A situation that seemed to frustrate him. After nearly two years of launching his online store, investing in ads and wasting time, he expected a better return.

The approach we used to improve sales.

After discussing with the customer to understand the problem, we decided to use LuckyOrange to record customer interactions on the website. This allowed us to collect enough data to make a decision. For example, we had to obtain information on:
  • The browsers that users used
  • their location
  • The type of device (Mobile, tablet, or desktop)
  • and more.
After a few weeks, we were able to discover three things:
  1. Most users who could not complete the command were using the Microsoft Explorer browser
  2. Some of them were on their mobile phone or tablet
  3. Other customers did not have their country listed in the checkout form.
We could redo validations on the site and fix the issue with this information.

Put data at the center of your decision-making.

Data is essential for all types of organizations. Whether a student, a startup or a large corporation, you need data to make informed decisions.
  • For a student, data can enable better career choices
  • For a company, it can be strategic information on the competition or customers
  • If you are a startup, you can collect the data to study the viability of your product or services.

Be part of our network to improve online sales.

We are creating a network of data experts and people who want to know how to use data to manage their organizations better. The event's first session takes place tomorrow from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. The objective of this first event will be to:
  • to present the concept,
  • to get to know
  • and find out how we could work with various experts to help each other.
If you want to participate in the event, click the link above to register. You can also contact us for more information.