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Here are the 10 best WordPress website building tools (according to our survey)

Here are the 10 best WordPress website building tools (according to our survey)
We recently polled a group of WordPress developers on Facebook and brought you the top 10 WordPress website builder tools. If you want to know which tools to choose for your site, this could inspire you. In our poll, it was about which WordPress tool was better for using fewer extensions. After 3 days of survey, we had 230 respondents and several opinions on the issue. We take this opportunity to share with you some comments from some users. Below are the tools that ranked by preference rate.

1- Elementor (172/230);

Elementor Out of 230 respondents, 172 people prefer Elementor. This tool is therefore at the top of the 10 best WordPress website creation tools (according to our survey). For having used Elementor and relying on the reviews, here are some benefits of Elementor.
  • It is a very easy to use extension. You can in a few minutes install the extension and then create the pages without necessarily needing advanced knowledge in web development. It uses drag and drop functionality which makes it easy to edit its content from the front-end of the website.
  • Several designs ready to use. You will simply find in the Elementor bank hundreds of templates (free or at a lower cost) to create your website.
  • Compatible with several models. If you already have a template on your website, you can easily combine it with Elementor.
Elementor has several other advantages. We invite you to visit their website for more information .

2 - ACF Pro (15/230)

ACF Pro 15 out of 230 developers chose ACF Pro. It is also a very popular tool in WordPress website design. However, it requires a little advanced knowledge in web programming (which could explain the gap with Elementor). Below are some special features of the ACF Pro.
  • Ideal if you want to modify or create a theme. If you want, for example, to create a WordPress theme, you can use the ACF Pro to create the blocks and features. By the way, if you intend to create a website with Meta data (eg additional dynamic information on pages), this extension to help modify your template.
  • Provides the ability to create relatively complex sites. In the case of custom development, ACF creates flexibility in terms of creating, optimizing and adjusting features.
  • It easily combines with other extensions. There is always a way to combine ACF with other extensions like Elementor to provide more flexibility. You will find, for example, the documentation of Elementor which explains how to combine .
We also invite you to consult the ACF website to better understand its advantages.

3 - DIVI (12/230) - 3rd of the 10 best WordPress website creation tools

DIVI According to the respondents, DIVI is ranked in 3ᵉ position. It is also one of the most popular tools in WordPress website creation. Like Elementor, it is a solution that has drop and drop functionality. After installing DIVI and selecting the template, you can create your website in a few hours. Below are some advantages of DIVI.
  1. More than 200 Elements ready to use
  2. 2000 Templates you can use
  3. No need to be a programmer to use it
It is important to note that the free version of DIVI does not exist page. However, the platform offers the possibility of giving it a try. This may be one of the reasons why many prefer Elementor.

4 - WP Bakery (12/230)

WP Bakery Out of 230 people surveyed, 12 people prefer WP Backery. According to their website, nearly 4,300,000 people use their tool. This can give you an idea of ​​its popularity. It's almost the same principle as Elementor and DIVI with the drop and drop option. Therefore, it is suitable for both developers and beginners of WordPress. Below are some features
  • Front-end editor. You can easily modify your website in the foreground.
  • Several ready-to-use themes and a huge online selection. WP Backery has its own theme library. In addition to this, you will find themes on online sales sites.
  • Costs from $56 (USD)
You can find out more by visiting their website .

Other options offered by respondents.

In the list of suggestions, we also got the following suggestions:
  • Bricks (4/230 - 5ᵉ position)
  • Cadence (4/230 - 6ᵉ position)
  • CMB2 (3/230 - 7ᵉ position)
  • Brizy (2/230 - 8ᵉ position)
  • Carbon fields (1/230 9ᵉ position)
  • Greenshift (1/230 10th position)

Some Interesting Comments About Polls

Several users gave their views on the survey. We share with you so that it can help you.

Hussam HM (translated into French)

According to Hussam,
“kids use Elementor, adults ACF Pro and legends create their own blocks.”
After the question about what added value it could have to create your own blocks if you could use an existing tool to save time, he answered.
“When you add plugins, it adds their own css and js files, and adds some kind of extra classes to your website. What slows down your website, affects the structure of your website and, most importantly, affects the compatibility of the website.

Todd Gimlin

I've never seen a site using Elementor that had a Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score that couldn't be VASTLY improved by getting rid of Elementor. I will never hire a developer who uses Elementor because they want to.

Karl Angelo Juárez

Question. So, I'm a beginner on WordPress, how to do custom code on WordPress?

Prositeweb Inc.

It actually depends on your PHP skills. Knowing PHP will be a great start to combining your skills with some plugins. As you start to gain confidence, you can increasingly eliminate certain plugins that you think affect the quality of websites you create.

Our recommendations on the criteria for choosing a web creation tool (WordPress)

After several years of creating websites in WordPress and several other content managers, we faced several problems.
  • Flexibility in management. Is the end user able to modify his site as easily as possible?
  • Technical support. If necessary, is it easy to find people who will be able to make the necessary adjustments?
  • Adaptability to other solutions. How far is it possible to graft a solution with other tools?
  • The continuity. Is it possible to maintain and delegate without having to depend on the developer?
When you can answer these questions, being able to choose your tool becomes easier. At prositeweb, we mainly use modern website design tools. Our choice is generally based on customer needs. When a client is open to the option of a bespoke website, we will use the ACF Pro.


There are thousands of website building tools in WordPress. However, you must make an assessment in order to make good decisions. Prositeweb remains at your disposal to assist you in the process.