Google Search Console and its usefulness for your business

If you run a website and you don’t know if your if is getting indexed by Google or if your SEO is improving, then this article is for you. This article shows you how to fix this problem with Google Search Console.

A question often comes to the mind of some site managers: Why does the website not appear in the search results? Let me introduce you to the tool Google search Console.

Google Search Console (GSC) is a Google service for web masters (administrator of a website) to check if the site is indexed by Google and to be able to improve its natural referencing. The service manages the interface between websites and search engines. All the information on the platform thus gives a fairly clear idea to the web master to know the evolution of the site.

Benefits of Google Search Console

Although the service is criticized, it has more benefits than criticism.

  1. An error correction process : With this service, it is possible to detect recurring errors instead of deleting those errors marked as resolved.
  2. Contains more data: In the platform, the amount of data available is very extensive. It is beneficial for anyone who does a performance analysis very regularly. In addition, it allows trends to be followed as well as long-term results.
  3. URL inspection : A check on URLs grants direct checking of the indexing status of any URL. It provides information on the status of the genuine pages. Even though indexing is not fast, all the same, it increases the possibility of accessing hard-to-reach areas. At this point, it will report if the robots.txt file has blocked certain URLs.
  4. Site condition monitoring : In addition, Google Search Console is advantageous in the sense that it can detect problems. A notification appears at the top of the header bar if important events affect the site.
  5. Understand the use of Google to improve your online presence: It gives the opportunity to make changes to the site by optimizing the ranking of results on search engines. To illustrate, in the tab operating statistics it is likely to have the performance of its server.

The disadvantages of Google Search Console

It is quite true that the Google Search Console service has many advantages, but it also has some negative points. These disadvantages are:

  1. Functions< support> do not work : In the new version of Google Search Console, some features do not work. For example, indexing queries are very slow.
  2. Lack of balance in functionality: It may happen that daily uses are no longer available. In addition, it does not have the ability to create a set of properties or delete existing sitemaps.

Usefulness of Google Search Console

  • The service analyzes the performance of the site;
  • It is a tool which gives a clear study of the URL;
  • It provides a report on the indexing of the site;
  • Also, it gives a notification on mobile ergonomics;
  • In addition, GSC performs manual actions. It allows you to be informed about any penalties sent by Google

How to set up Google Search Console in a few steps

  • To start, make sure you are connected to a Google account (use the Google account that will be associated with the site)
  • Then go to the site< Google Search Console> then click on< Start now>
  • If this is the first site created in GSC, a welcome message will appear, then click on< Start> . Otherwise go to the menu that unfolds and click on< + Add a property>
  • To continue, in property, choose Domain then enter correctly the URL address of the site and click on< Continue>
  • Now check the site. Copy DNS TXT record and add to domain name provider to verify ownership.

In this article, it’s obvious how Google Search Console can help improve a site’s SEO. The establishment of the site is essential regardless of the size of the site. It must be recognized that it is not all about installing it. It is the constant use that will push to discover other advantages. To find out more about using this tool or ask for advice, contact us



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