Google Ads and paid advertisements offered by Google

If you are a web developer, blogger or have a business focused on digital marketing? You’ve probably already wondered how you could increase traffic to your site. What to do to boost the visibility of your site on Google? Google Ads and some advertising applications offered by Google are ideal solutions. Advertising is vital to optimizing your visibility on search engines (Google). This article allows you to know how to be visible on the net.

What are Google Ads and paid advertisements?

Google Ads is a paid advertising program offered by Google. This program shows your ads on Google, which is likely to affect numerous Internet users. No matter what area of ​​business your business is in, Google Ads can help you achieve your goals.

Why use Google Ads or do pay advertising on Google?

Increase the visibility of the site

If your business is not well known, and you want to boost its visibility on the web, with Google Ads, you have the possibility of increasing the visibility of your business on the web. Google is the most used search engine globally, so you are sure to increase your business’s visibility by choosing this paid search. This SEO will allow you to rank well in search results. Also, it can be posted on multiple websites. This is a good way to stay ahead of your competition.

Have qualified traffic

Your goal is to reach a certain target, but most of your visitors are not the ones you are looking for. Google Ads allows you to have qualified traffic and to have a great conversion rate. By using this type of SEO, you can reach targeted internet users. For this, Google Ads gives you the possibility to select a set of criteria. For example, using relevant keywords, defining a demographic, giving your remarketing strategy, etc.

Measure your performance

If the free advertising you are doing does not give you the growth you are looking for, you want to know your performance and opt for Google Ads, which measures your performance using its tools. To monitor your performance and your conversions, Google Ads offers you very advanced statistical tools.

Have a return on your investment

If you regularly advertise but do not have positive feedback or profitability, it would be best to optimize your ads on Google Ads continuously. Indeed, Google Ads gives you the possibility of having a good return on investment (ROI). You don’t have to do expensive advertising campaigns. You need to spend your budget on the most profitable campaigns.

Have a quick result

We often tend to see the results of our campaigns very late, which is often very discouraging. Google Ads delivers results quickly. If your site is new or has little content, you can use paid search. Because you would have the possibility to start immediately, and you will be positioned on the first page of Google, unlike non-paid SEO, which does not guarantee you quick results.

How do advertisements work on Google Ads?

Setting ads on Google Ads is elementary. Follow these steps:

  • Create a Google Ads account using your Google Account.
  • Create an advertising campaign with effective text ads.
  • Choose the most relevant keywords to your business and that Internet users are looking for in Google.
  • Decide on the amount you want to invest for each click on your ads.
  • Tell Google the budget you want to invest per day.
  • By following these steps, your advertisements appear as soon as a user searches for the keyword you are interested in Google. This is how he can direct to your website if he feels attracted to it.
  • Advice on Google Ads and paid advertisements

    Advertising with Google Ads is more beneficial than traditional advertising. With Google Ads, you get a good return on your investment. However, at first, the results may fall short of expectations. For your advertising campaign to give good results, several mistakes should be avoided:

    1. Avoid having keywords that are too vague or too generic lest the search engine present the ads to an audience that is not your target. You must write your keywords well and make sure to modify them from time to time.

    2. Your advertising should match the expectations of the audience who is researching the chosen keywords. Make sure the ad, title, description, and any extensions are clear and provide a direct response to the user’s search engine search. 3. Your advertising must be of outstanding quality since Google relies on these factors to determine the ads’ ranking. The higher it is, the better the ad is ranked. The level of quality depends on the performance of past campaigns. 4. Remember to improve your landing pages because advertising with Google Ads takes people to your site and then converts it.

    Good to know on Google Ads and paid advertisements

    Most people wonder if Google Ads campaigns have an impact on the SEO of their site. Officially, no Google Ads does not influence SEO. Google is not doing you a favour just because you promote your site with campaigns on Google Ads. SEO is based on an algorithm with several hundred criteria, and Google Ads is not.

    Whom to Contact

    You need to contact an expert who will help you manage your campaigns on Google. We recommend the Prositeweb agency specializing in paid and non-paid SEO for businesses and individuals. For a paid search done well, don’t hesitate to get support from our SEO experts who know all the intricacies of Google Ads. We will ensure your advertisements on Google. So, contact us.

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